Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am pretty upset...
I had a 4gb Toronto Maple Leaf USB key that was jam-packed with tunz of editorials, images for Tumblr, articles that I wrote and things I designed and *POOF* it just disappeared. I plugged it into a computer and I saw everything there...and then the computer froze and next thing you know, it was all gone. 
This is especially devastating since this was my "HQ" if you will for this blog. Whenever I ran out of ideas or anything it was my go-to key to get inspired...literally thousands of pictures. Just gone. :(
This isn't the first time this has happened...well, actually, technically it is because the last time I bent my key...this time it just...disappeared into thin air. 
Technology. :/

Anyways...I have to start all over again I guess. 
Just a little sad post for you today. Bleh.

Egle Tvirbutaite by Thomas Whiteside for Elle US0.