Friday, February 05, 2016

::*::protein protein protein::*::

Do you believe when they say that your taste-buds change every seven years? 
I could never fully grasp the concept of that until quite recently. 
I'll fill you in on a little secret that many people in the past would despise me for. 
Like, legit...didn't like em AT ALL. The pantry could be filled with chocolates, the freezer overwhelmed with ice cream and cheese cakes, there could be cake on the counter and cookies on the table and all that I thought of was..."meh". 
If I had to choose between a bowl of mashed potatoes and a chocolate bar - pass me the fork and add a little gravy, baby!
But...the last few months, something infinitesimal has shifted.
I could quite literally describe it as waking up one morning and thinking to myself, "Dear God...I really could eat a pie for breakfast!!"...and the history.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

::*::16 for 2016::*::

I'm curious as to how certain people hold onto their motivation..if you will..if that is something that you can even do. 
Man oh man, was I ever gung-ho on the gym lately - and still am!! But then there are days like today...where I really cannot be bothered to get out of bed. And all it really takes is just one day...ya know? Friday I was sick and couldn't function even remotely normal so passed...yesterday was too busy and today -- too rainy? Lol. 
I guess there is a lot on the go as well - did I mention we're moving?!!! YA!!! 
As much as I am going to miss this place {and the view!} we decided we wanted something bigger {cheaper!} and more home-y. So have signed a new lease on a townhome about 10 minutes from where we live now {and closer to work!}. Not only that, but it's close to everything else {grocery stores and the mall!!} and it is just a fabulous new place to make NEW memories in all over again. :) 
I'll be sure to share a tun of pictures! 

I'm still going to probably drag my ass to do a sesh of cardio - but in the meantime, I am going to share a recipe post as well as my beloved book post - as my email is being bombarded with new things to read and I did promise myself and my GoodReads app that I am going to read 16 books in 2016. I have already read 15 more to go. :) 
Make sure to let me know if you've read any of the ones below or if you have any suggestions for great - new - books! 

HA...I just figured out how to do split screen on my MAC - this is going to make posting this a heck of a lot easier. Lol. 

The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration by Moorea Seal$16.95 CAD

I wanted to pick this book up immediately ~ unfortunately, you cannot find it anywhere! This book in Canada is available in select stores...and the only store closest to me that has it, is Woodbridge {TOO FAR AWAY} and they only have one copy!'s definitely at the top of my list despite it's 3-6 week waiting period. Ugh.
Why I love this book and want to get it, is because I want to really get back into writing this year. I always used to be a HUGE writer...journaling constantly, writing short stories and poems and just haven't been able to get back into it for some reason - a workbook like this is ideal for me. To ge the creative juices flowing. It's technically a journal - but to me, it's so much more.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Apple Pie Smoothie

Lately, I've been seriously craving a mountain size amount of sugar - now if you know me, you would think that this is absolutely bizarre because I don't like sugar! I don't like anything remotely sweet! But in the last 6 months, I've done a complete 360 and all I want is apple pie, Turtles, Ferrero's, ice cream, cake, cheese cake, cookies, name it, I want it all!!!! And no, I'm not pregnant, lol. 
But, with my current training going on and eating hella clean, apple pie is just not in the cards for me. :( Sniff Sniff. 
That's why I am always ecstatic when I find new smoothie (or health-conscious recipes in general) that satisfy my new-found sweet tooth. :) 
This recipe is one I stumbled upon on the MBG site - enjoy!

5 raw almonds
1 red apple
1 banana
3/4 cup nonfat strained yogurt
1/2 cup organic nonfat milk (or almond milk)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon


{Image: LeanItUp}

Monday, January 25, 2016


So much has been happening so far this year ~ and not in a bad way! I remember beginning the new year so many times with the mentality of "New Year, New Me" as I am sure you have probably seen or heard of a million times so far this past January from social media, TV commercial, radio shows, etc etc etc bombarding you every which way you are able to turn. 
I always did a list of things that I wanted to accomplish that year, but somehow, most of the time, I never got around to it. For example, in 2012, I told myself I would try creme brulee. Something so simple...and guess what? I never did. 
To put so much pressure on oneself with these "New Year's Resolutions" and then to allow something as trivial as trying creme brulee to ruin the way you feel about yourself and what you have accomplished thus far is ludicrous in my opinion.
Of course, this is not to say that I don't have goals this year, but that's just it. They're GOALS. And I will strive and work towards these goals no matter what. 
I've come to the realization that we must do things that make us UNCOMFORTABLE in order for us to grow. I learned that in the second half of 2015. 

I know this sounds so cliche and when you hear it you kinda just want to say "SHUDDUP!" but it's so true when people tell you that "baby steps" are important. I hate the word "can't" when you tell me I can't take leaps and bounds, that frustrates me, as I am sure it does with others too. But it's truth...and I guess the only way you'll learn is if you make your own mistakes and go on your own journey, but baby steps REALLY are important. 
It's hard some days when you sit there and think to yourself "WHY am I not any farther?!" but you need to give yourself credit. You're probably a heck of a lot farther then where you were on Day 1.
It's hard, but it's worth it. It really is! 

Anyways, no promises on this blog for this year. I'll get to you all when I can. But just wanted to impart these little words of unvarnished truth. 
I sorta needed to get it offa my chest since I feel like I've hit a wall myself. And it's only the 25th of January! So, let's keep pluggin' away, shall we? :)


Friday, January 01, 2016



Wow...what a year 2015 has been...
First off, want to begin by saying that yesterday was pretty awesome! I worked for half the day, trained, got home, made a delicious & healthy dinner (baked whole organic chicken, potatoes and salad), had a Star Wars marathon (1-3!) and had another workout (cardio, baby!) and more Star Wars...and King of Queens....then bed at 12:01am! LOL. It was nice, honestly. 
This morning I woke up and decided to start my year by journaling - 
I decided I'm not going to make any resolutions for 2016 at all. I, first of all, cannot believe that's it's 2016 already. It's insanity how quickly time flies these days. I don't even know where 2015 went! And even though I say to myself now that 2015 wasn't as eventful or exciting as I wanted it to be, it definitely was a year of firsts. I got a new job, I finished school and graduated, I began training...among a multitude of other things. So I should be proud and give myself a pat on the back. I feel like I'm on the right track - and that there ARE good things to come...
But I can't stand the "NEW YEAR, NEW YOU" slogans that are being smeared all over social media and advertisements the last week or so. Driving me BONKERS!! 
I know that sounds terrible - but it really is! I don't like resolutions, because if you don't follow through with half of them, then you feel like a failure! I started my new years resolutions, a long time ago! I just think that we shouldn't put this incredibly amount of pressure on ourselves, for no reason! We should just take it as it comes, a day at a time! 
We need to sent lifestyle goals, little tiny things that will make a big impact...pack a huge punch! 
So...that's what I'm doing. No resolutions, just little changes...that'll become big ones...
Also, positivity. That's a big thing for me as well right now. 

So....Happy New Year to all of you! 
May 2016 be the best year yet! Or...just take it as it comes! The good and the bad. :) 
But regardless, I am:

And here's to another year with The Darling Miss G - please stay tuned for LOTS more!! :) 


Sunday, December 20, 2015


FYI to my regular readers, this is just an older post...but really wanted to post this! :)

What a weekend. It went by crazy fast. 
My poor little Lou'e had to go to the emergency vet on Sunday because of a bad eye infection. No idea how or what brought this on. But my heart breaks for the little guy every time I look into his big chocolatey brown eyes...because he can barely open one! 
I know that a lot of people look at animals and say they're "just dogs" or "just cats"...but my two, Lou'e and Moo, are part of my family and I treat them as such. I will still treat them like dogs, but at the same time, what's wrong with coddling them?? As long as they don't have any behavioral issues, right? They're my little babies and I love to nurture and love 'em up. 
Let me tell you though, they can get expensive! LOL! The vet visit wasn't cheap and oftentimes it can set a lot of people back. That's why I think that sometimes it might be wise to invest in a pet-plan where you pay into some sort of an account monthly - or a health insurance plan.

Since I've got dog on the brain and have for the last few days (non-stop!) AND Christmas (since it snowed this weekend!!) I've decided to do a little post on great gift-ideas for pet parents and their sidekicks! 
PS. This is a dog-lover post, I'm sorry I have nothing for the kitties at this time. Maybe in a future post! :)
Also, please be mindful of the sites - some are Canadian and some are American! You can click on the title of each product, which will take you directly to a link where you can purchase these items. :) And no, I'm not getting paid to endorse these products. I just seen them and thought it would be a great idea to put some ideas together for you guys for spoiling your pooch at Christmas!

Christmas is Going to the Dogs!
Your puppies Christmas Wishlist! (And maybe yours too! :))

Snack Duo for Dogs
$19.99 USD

This is the perfect {and only} 2-in-1 travel 'pupware' that you'll need on road trips or hikes with your pooch! There are two compartments here, one for water and one for food or treats that you can take with you when traveling. The lid also pops off and gets turned into a collapsible dish.
Great for people - and pups! - on the go! :)