Thursday, January 29, 2015


Ugh. I have been dealing with the most excruciating stomach/pelvic pains the last little while - that's why I haven't really been on here blogging. 
Not only that but my anxiety is a little more then through the roof. 
On a positive note though, Travis and I joined a new gym {yay!} - called World Gym...super cheap. I am excited to get back at it. :) And I also have a job interview today as a little more then nervous about it but have been going through my notes so hoping to nail it. I just need to get into it with confidence. It's crazy how I can sell other people and am able to sell products but I can't sell myself! 
But I think that is the key - confidence. 

I also want to point out that I was beyond ecstatic to hear that Maison Margiela has elected John Galliano as their new creative director! I have been dyyyyyying since Galliano disappeared from the fashion world in 2011 and publicly atoned after his questionable antics at a Paris bar spouting anti-semitic remarks in an alcohol-fueld rage...but hey..we all did stupid shit while drunk, non? 
Anyways - incredible is all I have to say...and must share with you the 2015 Haute Couture line by Galliano for Maison Margiela. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It would be easy for me to look back on this month and say that so far it's been a bust. What a negative way of thinking, I realize this. I feel like I am totally hard on myself. And the fact is that I am. I always put such a huge amount of pressure on myself that no wonder my anxiety is through the roof. 
Therefore, I am trying to practise more positivity. The other day I sat there and thought to myself "I shouldn't be depressed that I am not working. Something WILL come along...and I should take this time to work on myself and enjoy the time off"...because who knows when the next time off will be, right?

Monday, January 19, 2015


I can't believe that it's been well over a month since I posted last. The last little while has really been insane and chaotic for me. I did happen to write a bunch of posts on my phone that I planned on posting here but never got around to. Don't ask me how I didn't get around to it. I guess at one point I lost a bit of motivation in all area's of life and coasted for the first two weeks of January a bit. But I woke up this morning with a bit of a new zest for life and am ready to begin tackling my days. :) 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I just love this editorial. 
Just an FYI - some photo's are NSFW!!

Codie Young by Philip Riches for W Korea.


Gahhh!!! My poor little blender is trapped on a plane or truck or something somewhere across Canada just wanting to be in my arms. :( 
I am really excited for my Vitamix and when found out I was getting one last Tuesday patiently waited....but now there is a delay due to 'severe weather' and I am utterly saddened by this turn of events. Tomorrow is my last day at work..and I just wanted to bring that baby home. 
You cannot believe how excited I am for this's been a year and a half that I have been seriously coveting this thing and now I am ONE LUCKY DUCK to be getting it!!!!!
I am just so grateful for the amazing people that are around me around this time - it's been difficult but they make it all that much better. You know who you are. ;) 

So yes! I gotta wait!!! :'(

Monday, December 15, 2014


Monday Funday! 
Beautiful plowers from Trav
Happy Monday everyone - wow, do those weekends fly by. This one did for sure...and it was semi lazy - but productive. I tried that new recipe that I posted - the lemony chicken be quite honest with you - to me it wasn't very special. I probably won't make it again or if I do then I will definitely add more seasoning to it as it was bland. For some reason my chicken cooked, but the potatoes didn't! It took quite a long while. And some pieces still ended up being a little hard. But it was alright. 
I did make my cabbage rolls on Friday night - which took FOREVER. I started at 3:30 and they were finally done around 8pm. See why people don't like making cabbage rolls?! Lol. 
Travis and I also went out yesterday to finish up some of our Christmas shopping and then spent the afternoon watching a bit of TV, NHL15, cooking some moooore and I got caught up on two episodes of Mob Wives {season 5} - what a crazy show. Let me tell you. 
I weighed in today at 135.6lbs. Ugh. Honestly - probably water weight. So we will see what that scale says tomorrow. 
I am so sad I am going to have to cancel my gym membership soon so will need to ask people on FB or online somewhere if they are willing to take it over. It's so bittersweet. 
Still looking for a's damn hard during this time of year, I honestly wish I had some more time.