Sunday, December 20, 2015


FYI to my regular readers, this is just an older post...but really wanted to post this! :)

What a weekend. It went by crazy fast. 
My poor little Lou'e had to go to the emergency vet on Sunday because of a bad eye infection. No idea how or what brought this on. But my heart breaks for the little guy every time I look into his big chocolatey brown eyes...because he can barely open one! 
I know that a lot of people look at animals and say they're "just dogs" or "just cats"...but my two, Lou'e and Moo, are part of my family and I treat them as such. I will still treat them like dogs, but at the same time, what's wrong with coddling them?? As long as they don't have any behavioral issues, right? They're my little babies and I love to nurture and love 'em up. 
Let me tell you though, they can get expensive! LOL! The vet visit wasn't cheap and oftentimes it can set a lot of people back. That's why I think that sometimes it might be wise to invest in a pet-plan where you pay into some sort of an account monthly - or a health insurance plan.

Since I've got dog on the brain and have for the last few days (non-stop!) AND Christmas (since it snowed this weekend!!) I've decided to do a little post on great gift-ideas for pet parents and their sidekicks! 
PS. This is a dog-lover post, I'm sorry I have nothing for the kitties at this time. Maybe in a future post! :)
Also, please be mindful of the sites - some are Canadian and some are American! You can click on the title of each product, which will take you directly to a link where you can purchase these items. :) And no, I'm not getting paid to endorse these products. I just seen them and thought it would be a great idea to put some ideas together for you guys for spoiling your pooch at Christmas!

Christmas is Going to the Dogs!
Your puppies Christmas Wishlist! (And maybe yours too! :))

Snack Duo for Dogs
$19.99 USD

This is the perfect {and only} 2-in-1 travel 'pupware' that you'll need on road trips or hikes with your pooch! There are two compartments here, one for water and one for food or treats that you can take with you when traveling. The lid also pops off and gets turned into a collapsible dish.
Great for people - and pups! - on the go! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sorry! I have a good excuse!! Christmas is coming, exam is finished, training at the gym, etc etc etc! So....thus the lack of posts. BUT I do have a couple that I began writing and I need to tweak and stay tuned. I plan on sharing a HOWL-iday post with you guys soon! Especially for those last minute shoppers that have pup-parents for friends! :) 
Hope everyone is having a great's raining here! Where is the snow!?!?!