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Friday, December 30, 2011


Well - New Year's Eve is just around the corner {aka, tomorrow} and I can't believe that 2011 is coming to a close. Not that I mind that much...2011 wasn't the greatest year -- there were a lot of struggles, fights, sadness but there were also some really great times as well. 
I am just totally optimistic for 2012. 
When 2011 was coming back in December of 2010 I really didn't plan too much for 2011...I just said "oh yea, 2011 will be better" nonchalantly but I never did anything to make 2011 a fantastic year. 
Work was shitty. We didn't go to too many places or explore and try new things...we were just real homebodies.
I am really determined to do a lot of new things in the New Year. 
Visit new places, try new foods and cuisines, spend more time on myself health-wise and take care of myself a lot better. I would like to save up some money and start looking into buying a house -- that would be a lot of fun. 
There are a lot of things to think about because I really don't want to live in Guelph for the rest of my life. I don't think I am really meant for that. 
This year I also want to start learning how to drive, read more books, learn Italian and be physically fit and to just stop making excuses just because I am "comfortable". 
We need to get out of our comfort zone a bit and enjoy life more. Meet more people. Go out places. Go out skiing or skating and just do more things outside and enjoy the fresh air instead of spending weekends in bed watching Food Network {although that is O.K. from time to time, lol}. 
So there are lots of things I want to do and I want to implement goals for each month so that I accomplish these things. I am a lot more optimistic for 2012 than I was for 2010 and 2011. I guess what goes up must come down and vice versa and to be honest, the last 2 years were downers for me. I am not getting any younger so I need to start doing things! 
I want to accomplish things!
So that is my "resolution" -- even though I am not fond of the term because a lot of people don't follow through on them so these are my goals for 2012. 
They will be my little milestones I will reach. 
All I need now is a calendar. Lol. 

Anyways - here are my 'mals saying Happy New Year and that they hope you had a fabulous Christmas!!! :) <3

Skiusz with all the decorations -- pooped from all the festivities! 

The Oss-Man {Oskar} as one of Santa's helpers. ;) 


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hmm...I am going to bring up a little something-something that bothers me just a tad. 
It's the entire mentality that just because it is Christmas time you can "eat like a pig". Really? Now...I really am not one to talk...I have my fair share of food struggles and mental wars between either having the salad or the extra three heaping spoonfuls of mashed potatoes (I usually choose the latter) -- and instead of taking full responsibility on my lack of willpower and desire for disgusting gluttony, I just say; "to hell with it! it's Christmastime!"...
Um...who really...REALLY are we kidding here? 
We really don't just say this during Christmas time...but we say it during New Years, Birthdays, Halloween, Valentine's Day, May 2-4, 'it's the weekend!', 'my nail broke!', etc. 
So no...we really don't have an excuse and I just WISH I had that willpower - and I am working on it, to exercise that caution around festive times. 
Why do we feel the need to ask for second helpings after we are well aware of our bodies and how retardedly full we feel? 
Why do people incessantly pester us when you refuse second helpings and they keep nagging and nagging - saying that "hey! it's the holidays!". 
In all's because we know what we are doing to our bodies is just plain unhealthy  and they are plain jealous that we exercise that willpower during times like these. 
I mean, come on, we definitely won't be complaining when all this is done that we can't fit into our jeans. That is for sure. 

I can't really say too much about I totally "fell off the wagon" and I am human, like everyone else...and at times I may have found myself sitting there and saying to someone "have that extra glass of wine" or "eat that third huge plate of pasta" just because it's the holidays???! No. It's because I had FOUR helpings of pasta, 5 glasses of wine, am getting tipsy and seriously craving some massive amounts of chocolates -- AND YOU SHOULD TO! YOU SIMPLY CANNOT MAKE ME GAIN FIVE POUNDS IN UNDER A DAY ON MY OWN! YOU NEED TO AS WELL!
All kidding aside though - I really admire the men and women that take pride in their bodies and taking care of them...and just listening to it. 
They know when they are full - they know that they don't need that extra slice of cheesecake and maybe at the end of the week they might indulge in one more. 
I am really beginning to realize - and despise - America's and Canada's all or nothing mentality. 
Europe doesn't do this! I mean, when you go there for dinners and such...just like in the book I am reading "Bonjour Happiness" - everyone indulges...and maybe even once a day they do this! BUT, they have a SLIVER of cheesecake...not half of the damn thing...and when they have that sliver they don't think "to hell with it, I failed in healthy eating today, let's eat like cows!" they think "yum, that was great -- maybe I will have another sliver a few days from now as a treat". I wish I could easily adopt this mentality. 
I AM working on it. I really am...much to my dismay at times because I absolutely LOOOVE food...but I love being healthier more...

So do as you wish this holiday everything and more - don't exercise, eat an entire box of Ferrero Rocher's and have ample amounts of Bailey's in your coffee for breakfast...but don't come back here and start your bitching that you feel bloated and can't fit into your skinny jeans!

That is all. ;) 
Happy Holidays! 

Yea, this picture is kinda really disgusting...


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Saturday, December 24, 2011


I love spicy food and I love trying new foods in general. One type of cuisine that I wish I could dabble in a bit more would be Indian. For starters - I love Indian Butter Chicken. LOVE it. It's so delicious but incredibly high in calories which is totally unfair! Why do the most amazing things have to be so fatty! I don't get it!
Anyways - one of my most favorite magazines is Oxygen - it's for the fit lady that likes to hit the iron and eat clean and they always have amazingly delicious and low-fat/low-cal recipes. 
I found this recipe {I know! Finally a recipe!} in the latest issue of Oxygen {January 2012 issue with Tosca Reno on the cover - page 51 for the recipe and pic} and it looks amazing and it's a take on the calorie laden butter chicken. I am sure it tastes just as awesome and when I do decide to put this on my recipes to try list I will let you know what I think and if it's as good as the "real" thing. :)
So let's get on with it than. :) 

Bon Appetit!

No-Butter Chicken
A fat-burning dinner. 
Makes 3 servings.
Ready in 20 minutes. 

12 oz chicken breast, chopped into cubes
1 small onion, diced
1/2 tsp minced ginger
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp turmeric 
1 tsp dried coriander
2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp hot chili powder
2 tsp low-sodium chicken stock powder
3 tbsp tomato paste
2 tbsp corn starch
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 

1. Saute chicken in a large skillet coated with cooking oil.
2. Add onion, ginger and garlic, and cook for about 8 minutes, or until fully cooked.
3. Stir in all the spices and stock powder. Add tomato paste and fold through. 
4. Blend cornstarch with milk, then add to pan. Stir continuously until boiled. Add extra milk to thin out sauce, if needed. Coo through and serve.

Serve with brown basmati rice of with a whole wheat roti {Indian flatbread}. 

Fit Fact: Spices like cinnamon, turmeric and paprika can help reduce high levels of triglycerides {a type of fat in your blood}. -- Journal of Nutrition.

Nutrients per serving: Calories: 214, Total Fats: 5g, Saturated Fats: 0g, Trans Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 65mg, Sodium: 160mg, Total Carbohydrates: 13g, Dietary Fibre: 3g, Sugars: 5g, Protein: 28g, Iron: 3g

There ya go! Simple enough! ;) 
And finally a recipe for you! 



I'm not going to do a long-winded blog post on how fast this year has gone by because I will just save that for when the New Year approaches. I can't believe it is almost 2012! 2011 did go by really really fast. It's nuts!
Today is my Christmas...meaning, because of my heritage, I celebrate Christmas today - Christmas Day really makes no never mind to me to be honest. 
Today is the day where you don't eat meat, listen to crazy loud music {although NHL12 is blaring in the background} and just relax and cook and spend time with loved ones. 
I really wish I could have spent Christmas with my family. They are all in California for the holidays...I should have gotten a plane ticket - for serious. Oh well, always next year. :) 
I do plan on going to California soon though, early in 2012. So that will be fun. I will take LOTS of pictures this time and share them with you all. As last time I said that and I really didn't do it. 
Anyways - my boyfriend is sitting here playing PS3. I got him the new Call of Duty game and instead he is playing NHL12. What a guy. 
I am going to blog as much as I can today since I have seriously been lagging in posts lately. I have been working on the apartment and using my boxing bag - which I LOVE. 
I have to make my family's traditional salad for today and thaw out the salmon for tonight's dinner. It is going to be a quiet one, but a fun one none the less. :) 
Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far!





Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Is it not freakin' ridiculous that I haven't posted a recipe in like...forever?! I am sooo sorry! I will make it up to you guys! I just recently found a celebrity/food People issue when I was cleaning out the spare bedroom and there are lots of things in there that I should share with all of you. 
It came out earlier this year and was called "Cooking with the Stars". It has some pretty awesome stuff in there...not just recipes but which celebs are the restauranteurs and major foodies. 
I have been busy the last little while with job hunting - which I dropped a few resumes off today and hope to hear back from at least one - I mean, my resume is crazy kick-ass so what the fudge? I would be a real catch working anywhere. :P 
Lol. Anyways! We Canadian's still have not gotten any snow! It's nuts! We are supposed to be getting double-digits and that is craaaazy. I want snow for Christmas!
There are a lot of things I am finding here and there that I am seriously coveting. Is it not ridiculously ANNOYING and FUNNY at the same time that when you have money you can't find a damn thing and when you don't you seriously want everything you lay your eyes on?!
However...there are some books I am seriously NEEDING that recently came out which I will share with you guys eventually as well as crazy gorgeous fun jewelry from Forever21 that I need to get my hands on in order to look fabulous. 
Actually let us share the amazingness that is Forever21 jewelry?!
I unfortunately don't have the product numbers for you but you can just put the description that I type in into the search engine on their site and shop away. :) 

Filigree Knuckle Ring CAD $9.80

Beaded Chandelier Earrings CAD $6.80

Beaded Statement Earrings CAD $11.80

Beading Earrings $6.80

Bollywood Statement Necklace CAD $9.80

Cable Chain Bracelet CAD $10.80

Chain Fringe Necklace CAD $15.80

Filigree Knuckle Ring CAD $6.80

Peacock Drop Earrings CAD $6.80

Pearlescent Rose Necklace CAD $6.80

Pearlescent Twist Necklace CAD $12.80

Read Stud Royal Earrings $5.80

Rhinestone Choker CAD $24.80

Rhinestone Feather Earrings CAD $7.80

Rhinestone Peacock Bracelet CAD $17.80

Rhinestone Peacock Brooch CAD $12.80

Rhinestone Shield Ring CAD $6.80

Rhinestone Swan Brooch CAD $10.80

Seed Beaded Hoop Earrings CAD $5.80

Sparkling Knuckle Ring CAD $7.80

Sparkling Medallion Earrings CAD $9.80

Textured Bangle Set CAD $6.80

Webbed Chains Necklace CAD $17.80

Ugh. Don't tell me you guys don't think these pieces are to die for! I love them. They are absolutely gorgeous and would definitely add a little bit of flair to your Winter-wear. ;) 
Add them to your wishlist for Christmas and if you get them in your stocking this year, then please do share what you think!


Saturday, December 10, 2011


If anyone knows anything about anything about ANYTHING about hair it would be my fabulous Sister. 
You know how you go and see a hairdresser...and you sometimes get the ones that just do whatever the hell you want to your hair...shiiiiit, I have black hair? Let's do platinum! I have blonde hair? Let's do red! I have straight hair? Let's perm! 
They only just nod and smile and do as you wish...well, of course they would...because they want to make their clients happy and do whatever they want...whether it be a disaster or not. 
But then there are the ones...the stylists and colorists, that are absolutely passionate about their work...they're the ones that when you request the previous things I just said would look at you with wide-eyes and ask if you're on a) crack b) drunk or c) just plain stoooopid. 
Yup. Those are the ones that are fervent about what they do.
A craft though, you may ask? 
When I watch  my Sister at work or any other hairstylist for that matter that is passionate about what they do they have the type of concentration that my Dad has when he is soldering a motherboard in a computer. 
An air that is beyond coalescing and a monumental attention to detail. 
It is a an artist that paints on a blank canvas. It's an art that is displayed in public, in private, just everywhere...and when a stranger walks up to you and asks you where that art came from - "I LOVE your hair?! Where did you get it done??" Well...thus the power of social networking. 

What I am basically trying to that I recently went somewhere where they massacred my hair...and you can go to places where it seems like people know what they are doing but you can just tell by how they work whether they enjoy their job or not or take it seriously. 
My Sister is one of those people that is incredibly vehement in the way that she does her work.
Maybe that's why she is as successful as she is and I am beyond proud of her. 
I don't milk it...I don't visit her all the time just to get my hair done...I can't even remember the last time that I got my hair done by's been that long...but when I do go, you bet your bottom dollar that I will walk away feeling different or renewed...more confident. It's amazing...and to think that some people think it's just's more than's a part of you, a signature...
This editorial...or any editorial that showcases the art of hair reminds me of her. 
I seriously wouldn't be surprised if one day she is the next Orlando Pita or Sam McKnight...well, obviously not a man...but you know what I mean. Lol. 

Ymre Stiekema by Pierre Even for Mixte Fall 2011.



Some photo's I thought I would share. 

My boyfriend is definitely a real guy's guy...he would never wear a peacoat let alone a scarf...that is until I converted him...and the end result? A dashing and very handsome man. 

My Christmas decorating I did the past week...Tuesday to be exact. I think I did a pretty darn good job. Very festive - would put anyone into a Christmasy good mood. :) 

A photo of my boyfriend and I that I found on my iPhone. Aren't we so cute...?  :) 

This wasn't technically the first snow...but it was the first snow that stuck for most of the day. 
I can't wait until we get like...a foot of snow...which better happen soon! This is my backyard by the way.

My boyfriend and I are huge appetizer people. We love 'em. So here are some shrimp appetizers that a great friend of mine {Bee's} bought us to enjoy. They were delicious...and then we have some white wine spritzers along with Bridesmaids in the background to make a great Saturday evening. 

This is my Mom's pup. Oskar. I got him for my Mom when they were moving away to California. She always said she wanted a Yorkie and one day I decided I was going to get her one. He is tiny...not a teacup...but considering he is mixed with a Schnauzer he hasn't grown more than 4lbs and he was technically supposed to be 10lbs or over...and he's now almost 5 year's old. My Mom adores him and doesn't usually dress him up since he is indifferent to it and my Mom just doesn't like doing it...but this was for a calendar for a friend and he looks adorable. Mr. December. Adorable Oss-Man.

Not too long ago, I told you guys that my little guy was sick. Since then he has gotten a lot better and I am so grateful! I really thought that I was going to lose him and I love him more than anything. Here he is, lounging about in the new California King Size bed that he thinks is his...come on though...cats rule the house - they are the masters. :) My family has had this handsome kitty since he was just a tiny babe. Will be going on 15 year's next June and he is definitely my best friend. 



I am getting super frustrated...
So one of the things that I told you guys is on my Christmas wish list is a punching bag...which my parents are getting for me...but every single punching bag I want is stupid expensive...well, not the bag itself, but the effing shipping! I found a bad-ass Top Contender 100lb bag that is on sale from like $200-something to $99 and they want...listen to this...$220 {!!!} shipping!!! That's twice the price of the freakin boxing bag!!! 
I am pissed because this boxing bag was awesome - leather, white/red/black, just the one that I wanted. Oh well, I guess a bag is a bag is a bag. So I think I am just going to get the 100lb Century UFC boxing bag that I did post originally. It's cool looking as well. I guess it doesn't matter what the hell it looks like...

It is Saturday morning! I had quite the sleep-in! Usually I am awake before the boyfriend as he has to get ready for work but I woke up as he was leaving. I was going to sleep in some more but decided to get up. 
There is a total Food Network Christmas theme marathon on which I am super stoked about. So it's playing in the background. 
Last night the boyfriend and I watched Bad Santa {well, the Badder Santa version}, Assault on Precinct 13 where he fell asleep halfway through...and than I put on Everybody's Fine where I freakin' cried like a blubbering baby during it. Wow. That movie. 
I couldn't stop crying and I don't cry during movies but DeNiro makes me cry because of his amazingness. 
Not really sure what is on the agenda for today...other than Food Network and whatnot. Maybe I will drag my boyfriend out to the mall or goodness, I can't remember the last time that I went to the mall. :/ 
Sorry...I am seriously just blabbing... let's do another question thing...actually that will be an entirely different post...I found a cute little random-o survey on the Uniquely Normal blog. {}.
I love to read about people's day to day lives sometimes...just to see how different they live it than I do. I JUST googled random surveys and found this blog which I am going to definitely read more of. :) 

Kourney, Kim & Khloe by Ben Watts for Glamour US January 2012.

Yea, that's right. I love the Kardashian's...for all the people that bitch and moan about them ~ get over it...if you don't like 'em, don't watch their shows, read their interviews, pick up magazines with them on the cover. You're just jealous because they make a shitload of money and are retardedly gorgeous. 
My rant. 

Ugh. I can't wait for this Glamour issue. 


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Friday, December 09, 2011


I decided that from time to time - other than my little confessions or "about me" blurbs, I will also share what I am reading at the moment. Shouldn't be a crazy long post but it will give some readers a chance to check out some books that they wouldn't otherwise think of getting...or know were out there. 
Right now I am reading a book called "Bonjour Happiness" by Jamie Cat Callan. I am just about 40 pages in but so far it is intriguing. It's like actually sitting down with a proper and elegant Frenchwoman explaining about her life in Paris. 
The premise of the book is for women in today's American/Canadian society to step back and enjoy the little things in life like so many European women do. 
The average American/Canadian woman's life is all about "time is money" and working, making dinner, cleaning the dishes and doing laundry, getting the kids off to school or hockey on and so forth. And this book explains how to take joy and pleasure in the smallest things in life that you probably encounter on a day to day basis. 
So far, so good. I will definitely let you guys know what I think once I finish reading the entire thing. 

Description from

French women don't invent happiness. But they know a thing or two about joie de vivre -- being alive to each delicious moment. 
As a young girl, Jamie Cat Callan was fascinated by her French grandmother. Though she had little money, Jamie's grandmother ate well, dressed well, and took joy in simple, everyday pleasures. As Jamie journeyed through France as an adult, she gained more insight into the differences between French and American women. French women -- whether doctors, shop owners, or housewives -- don't worry about being thin enough, young enough, or accomplished enough. 
They age gracefully and celebrate their bodies. They know how to balance their lives -- to love food without overeating, to work hard but not too much, to relish friends and family, and still make time for themselves. Now Jamie draws on everything French women have taught her and shows you how to: 
Buy and consume less -- and enjoy more.
Look like a million Euros on a few francs. 
Find time to be alone. 
Flirt a la Francaise. 
Rediscover your own mystery.

Perfection isn't attainable, but happiness always is. And this uplifting, revelatory book shows every woman how to embrace it -- and savor it. 



Hello hello everyone!
Well, it has been a few days since I last posted and I do apologize. I have been job hunting and tidying up around the place...yesterday I wasn't feeling well at all and so I did a bunch of absolutely nothing. The weight loss journey sucks balls {excuse me} as always...I had poutine yesterday for dinner but I have done better today. I had two soft-boiled eggs and a mini baguette for brunch and I am still not hungry, so this is a good thing! 
I do need to figure out something healthy to make for dinner tonight and I am thinking fish fillets on a ciabatta bun. Sounds delightful!
Anyways, once a day - or once when I post - I am going to do a mini confession about myself...or just something about myself...I guess to let followers relate and spur on some conversations from time to time. 
It's funny how I will think of certain things throughout the day and say to myself "I might just blog about that tonight"...
This is a big confession and might irk a few people reading this. Lol. I am not a huge spider fan but I am not at all afraid of mini {or big} Daddy Long Legs. I always used to play with them as I was growing up. I found them cute and dainty. 
So...confession number one...if I see a little baby Daddy Long Legs in my apartment; if I don't just pick them up and take them outside or the garage, but sometimes just leave them  be. :/ I know I know! It's not that best of ideas!
But it's so far and few in between when I see them that I just don't mind at all. It's not like I have an infestation on my hands. Rarely do I just leave them but sometimes I just do. Pretend I don't see them. Lol. 
But come on, I live in a basement apartment and Lord knows how many spiders are hiding in the laundry room or crawl space. Or bugs...oh goodness, I don't even want to think about it. 
But this is a confession! I am not ashamed of it! Lol. 
So yea, I like Daddy Long Legs and to be honest - I am just a bug-saver in general. Maybe not earwings *shudder*...or huge-ass spiders *bigshudder* but if I see anything else meandering about {for example there was a wasp once in my makeup area} I will trap them in a cup and take them outside to set them free. 
So yea, thought I would share...a little confessional corner if you will. But other than that, I do apologize for not posting as much.
I had had my fill of moving watching {or rather it being in the background while I worked on things or cleaned} such as Merlin, Aeon Flux, Armageddon, The Forbidden Kingdom, Red's endless. I have had my fill - that's for sure. Lol. 
Anyways! I hope everyone is doing well and that they are going to enjoy their kick-ass weekend that is coming up! :) 
Happy Friday!

Here is a gorgeous editorial. :) 

Maja Salamon by Marcin Tyszka for Tatler November 2011.


{Source: Flashbang @ TFS}

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I have written an article in the past about Nicole Richie and her jewelry line as well as her fashion line and I stumbled across the shopbop website this morning with her jewelry on there for sale and there are some serious covetable items on this site that I would LOVE to find underneath the Christmas tree this year. 
Some of these pieces are amazing. Of course I would love to own them all but let's face it - these items aren't exactly the cheapest. But it's nice to dream. ;) 
I will also put the product number along with the descriptions in case you guys want to wander over to and check these items out or purchase them. 

House of Harlow 1960 Neena Velvet Platform Booties
Style#: HOUSE40166
CAD $217.56

House of Harlow 1960 Armor Claw Ring
Style#: HOUSE40195
CAD $84.81

House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Cocktail Ring
Style#: HOUSE20010
CAD $52.68

House of Harlow 1960 Double Starburst Station Necklace
Style#: HOUSE40237
CAD $92.72

House of Harlow 1960 Jordana Sunglasses
Style#: HOUSE40237
CAD $131.70

As much as I love all of these items, I would definitely want to get the cocktail ring first along with the double-starburst necklace. 
And those sunglasses are sooo amazing. The booties and armor claw ring can wait. Lol. 
These are some major statement pieces that any girl would love to have in their jewelry box. 


Monday, December 05, 2011


 Jessica Hart by Eric Guillemain for Vogue Australia October 2011.


Friday, December 02, 2011


Hello hello! I haven't posted too much this week, have I? I will try and make up for that as much as I can today. First of all, Happy Friday! The weekend is fast approaching for everyone. Currently in my neck of the woods; it is snowing. Light snow. 
I really do enjoy the big fat flakes though. Snow storms. :) Yes! Not for driving in, no no no. 
So I have been doing pretty good with my diet and such. I did a killer workout on both Tuesday and Wednesday, was sore yesterday so I skipped and I am even more sore today!? What is up with that? 
My arms can't function properly and my legs feel like jello half the time. 
I think I will skip out again today and hopefully am better tomorrow to train. 
I have been eating pretty good as well - other than yesterday. Starchy white pasta with cheeeese. It was delicious though. But back on it today, so that is good. 
Not sure if I should make Thai Shrimp Soup tonight or a light fish, new potatoes and brussels sprouts with bacon. I think I might do the latter as I need to use the veggies up. 
Well, Christmas is 22 days away this year has gone by so fast. 
I have been watching a lot of movies lately to get into the spirit of Christmas as I have mentioned in a previous post before...but there are also certain movies that are not Christmas-y at all, but they get me in the mood because it was at a time where the movie came out, or we rented/bought it during the season and watched it. 
Here are some totally random movies that I watch around Christmas time. 

This really is going to get random you guys. Lol.
This is a movie that I watched at home during the holidays...Red Planet with Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore. There are also a bunch of other pretty good actors in there. It's about a team of people that go to Mars...the Earth is deteriorating and yea...I am not going to get into the whole shpeel of the movies as this post could take forever.
So yea! Red Planet!

The Fifth Element. My family and I always watch this movie around Christmas time...I watch it every other time too as I love this movie. But it's one of 'em during the holidays. 

Don't even ask. Even yesterday my Mom was like; "Don't you watch a movie like that during Halloween?".
I think it's because there is snow during the movie or something. I don't know. I do remember however, watching this movie during a snow storm. So that counts, no? 

Not only was I obsessed with this movie in general, but I would always watch it when there was a snow day or during the Christmas Holidays. This is definitely an amazing movie. 

I wouldn't even technically call this a "Christmas Movie". But it is on the Christmas movie lists when you look online. Probably because they spend two Christmases during the movie and there is a lot of snow. Lol. Either way, it's definitely, DEFINITELY one of the movies I watch during Christmas. Especially while my Mom baked apple crumble. ;)

Another one that is a bit random, but once again...there are Christmas-y scenes in this movie along with snow...I also remember watching this movie after I went out to the grocery store to get some over roasted potatoes because I had a hankering for was blizzarding outside while my Mom was preparing food for a Christmas party of some sort. So definitely a movie to watch when it's snowing outside. 

This is a new development that started just a year or so ago. I went on a real Jackie Chan kick. Trying to find anything I possibly could that had anything to do with him, including all his movies. I picked this one up along with a bunch of others one snowy day after work with a friend and when I got to the house I popped this classic in and watched while decorating my Christmas tree.
So now any Jackie Chan movie is a Christmas movie in my books. :) 

I probably could keep on going. But these are a few staples during the Holiday season...I already finished Red Planet and Dracula along with The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan. So I have a few more movies to watch; not to mention National Lampoon's and all those other Christmas-y movies that are actually Christmas-y. Lol. 

Do you guys have any weird traditions during the holiday season or Christmastime that has nothing to do with Christmas? 

Ps. Trying to find a recipe for you guys. I finally got the new Oxygen and Shape magazine {thanks Bee's!} and there is a TUN of stuff in there that I will share with you guys. 
I also cleaned up our spare bedroom where all my books and magazines are and I was able to throw all my cookbooks on one shelf...or at least most of them so I gotta go through those as well and figure out a recipe. :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far!


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