Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Is it not freakin' ridiculous that I haven't posted a recipe in like...forever?! I am sooo sorry! I will make it up to you guys! I just recently found a celebrity/food People issue when I was cleaning out the spare bedroom and there are lots of things in there that I should share with all of you. 
It came out earlier this year and was called "Cooking with the Stars". It has some pretty awesome stuff in there...not just recipes but which celebs are the restauranteurs and major foodies. 
I have been busy the last little while with job hunting - which I dropped a few resumes off today and hope to hear back from at least one - I mean, my resume is crazy kick-ass so what the fudge? I would be a real catch working anywhere. :P 
Lol. Anyways! We Canadian's still have not gotten any snow! It's nuts! We are supposed to be getting double-digits and that is craaaazy. I want snow for Christmas!
There are a lot of things I am finding here and there that I am seriously coveting. Is it not ridiculously ANNOYING and FUNNY at the same time that when you have money you can't find a damn thing and when you don't you seriously want everything you lay your eyes on?!
However...there are some books I am seriously NEEDING that recently came out which I will share with you guys eventually as well as crazy gorgeous fun jewelry from Forever21 that I need to get my hands on in order to look fabulous. 
Actually let us share the amazingness that is Forever21 jewelry?!
I unfortunately don't have the product numbers for you but you can just put the description that I type in into the search engine on their site and shop away. :) 

Filigree Knuckle Ring CAD $9.80

Beaded Chandelier Earrings CAD $6.80

Beaded Statement Earrings CAD $11.80

Beading Earrings $6.80

Bollywood Statement Necklace CAD $9.80

Cable Chain Bracelet CAD $10.80

Chain Fringe Necklace CAD $15.80

Filigree Knuckle Ring CAD $6.80

Peacock Drop Earrings CAD $6.80

Pearlescent Rose Necklace CAD $6.80

Pearlescent Twist Necklace CAD $12.80

Read Stud Royal Earrings $5.80

Rhinestone Choker CAD $24.80

Rhinestone Feather Earrings CAD $7.80

Rhinestone Peacock Bracelet CAD $17.80

Rhinestone Peacock Brooch CAD $12.80

Rhinestone Shield Ring CAD $6.80

Rhinestone Swan Brooch CAD $10.80

Seed Beaded Hoop Earrings CAD $5.80

Sparkling Knuckle Ring CAD $7.80

Sparkling Medallion Earrings CAD $9.80

Textured Bangle Set CAD $6.80

Webbed Chains Necklace CAD $17.80

Ugh. Don't tell me you guys don't think these pieces are to die for! I love them. They are absolutely gorgeous and would definitely add a little bit of flair to your Winter-wear. ;) 
Add them to your wishlist for Christmas and if you get them in your stocking this year, then please do share what you think!


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