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Megan Fox by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine
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Nicole Richie's style is almost palpable in the sense that when you see her in papparazi photo's or on the cover of the October issue of Instyle UK you can't help but think that she is the exemplary bohemian babe of the 21st century, and you sometimes can't help but think either that she did it even better then the ladies that wore it in the decade themselves.
She catapulted to the top of the fashion scene when she launched her jewellry line House of Harlow 1960 in 2008, selling initialy exclusively to Kitson and then went across the world and began selling online as well. Her jewellry reflected her style in itself, a combination of tribal, gypsy and bohemian-influenced motifs and inspirations in the accessories.
The jewellry line is obviously very personal to Nicole, it was after all named after her first-born, daughter Harlow Winter Kate, and is hand's on. Working 100% from start to finish, from concept, design, colours, etc. She is there every step of the way.
Her manufacturer's are actually located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada but that doesn't mean that she has to constantly travel back and forth, alot of her time is spent working away on design's in the privacy of her own home, being able to stay close to her children and fiancee Joel Madden.
Richie is also creative director of her fashion line that came out earlier this year called Winter Kate and will also be expanding House of Harlow to include belts, shoes and sunglasses.
Her fashion line includes her signature maxi dresses, printed scarves, chiffon and lace tops, and lots of scarf and crepe like silk cardigans that you can see Richie wearing on a regular basis. “I 100% designed everything. Colors, cuts, fabrics. I would never put my name on something I wouldn’t wear myself. That’s why it’s taken me this long to have my line come out. … I do respect designers that go in it for the long haul and don’t do things that are trendy.” says Richie of Winter Kate.
Her favorite endeavour in the whole process of going beyond just a jewellry line, and is signature Richie, are sunglasses, which can actually be found to purchase, online.
But also, has a place in her heart for shoes, "If you’re going to spend on one thing, even when you’re on a budget, I’d say splash out on shoes. They make an outfit. And your feet don’t grow any more, so you can wear a good pair of shoes forever."
Richie's clothing line is super colourful and fun as well, Richie in general has said that she forgets the notion of black as best and says not to be afraid of colour and different prints.
And of course, never forget the finishing touches. Nicole say's she wear's a tun of accessories and loves scarves, "I’ve lost count of how many I have, but you can never have too many – they totally lift an outfit and make it individual."

Winter Kate clothing can be found to purchase on websites such as , and , while House of Harlow can be found in stores such as Holt Renfrew, Kitson and even .

Who wouldn't want to adopt certain aspects of Richie's wardrobe and accessories? She is bar none, one of the most stylish celebs/designers out there at the moment.




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Every city girl, or country girl for that matter, should always have one good pair of adorable flats. The most comfiest shoes that you can throw in your purse when you decide to wear your six inch Louboutin's and need to slip those tootsies into something stylish and pratical. This is why flats are so popular, they are as glam as they can be without having a wedge or a heel and they come in a variety of colours, glitter here and there, bejewelled, with bows or just plain jane. That's why we looooove Yves Saint Laurent's Tuxedo Satin Ballerina Flats. It is a covet piece of course for the price that they are at, but I'm sure they are totally worth it, as YSL only does make the best. These lovely flats come in at a price of $520, but I'm sure even high-heel queen Carrie Bradshaw would swoon over these puppies. They can be worn with practically anything and everything. I would suggest some black tights with a shirt dress and a nice skinny belt...ahh, what the hell, through a fur vest on too. These shoes will go with pretty much anything and everything and that's why we love them.


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Ahh, purses, the loves of my lives besides shoes. They come in so many different shapes and sizes and colours it's hard to not want the bag of the moment ~ or a bag each month. There are tunz out there, some by big-name designers that may not be affordable to all. One company whose purses I adore and are affordable, is Guess. I stumbled upon this purse while online shopping the other day and immediately fell in love. It's called the Otilia Satchel and I do beleive it is available in the US but I perused the Canadian site as I'm from Canada and it's cheaper on shipping ( or calling the store with the product number to see if they have it in stock ). It's a python print vinyl with some gorgeous hardware and of course the signature G slapped right on the front which also has a rhinestone embellishments. It has two handles and inside and outside pockets ~ not only does it come in the gorgeous rose/gray colour but it also comes in a fabulous black and a black/gray as well. So your options are endless. Even though Fall is right around the corner and some may say that rose isn't the colour of choice for Autumn I find that the cool gray's totally work with it and set off a cool weather vibe. And it may not work with colour of choice this fall ~ red ~ unless you're brave enough to do it, but it definitely will match the camel colour and fur pieces of this upcoming season. If you're in Canada, the product code is RH261825 and comes in at a nice and affordable $150 (CAD). You may have to save up in your piggy bank sometimes like I do when the bills come out but Guess purses are worth it and manufactured gorgeously.


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"Gypsy Queen" Elle US March 2001 - Teresa Lourenco
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So a few weeks ago some ladies I knew passed along a catalogue at work for "Venus". I thought the title was so-so and wasn't really interested as a Victoria's Secret catalogue went around as well with the latest track suits/bras/swim suits, etc. But I decided to look through it anyways and was pretty surprised. That catalogue had some pretty sweet outfits/articles of clothing. And, it's pretty inexpensive as well.
I know it's the season to start getting ready for Fall Fashion ~ so I decided to put together a couple different photo's and you can find these pieces of clothing on . Most are what's "in" at the moment, lots of chunky knits, over the knee boots, animal print, etc.
You can order the catalogue online or even shop the catalogue through their site, it's pretty easy to navigate through as well.


Popcorn Zip Up Sweater $49 USD

Military Coat $79 USD

Over the knee Boot $79 USD

Long Sleeve Wrap $29 USD

Long and Lean Zebra Tee $16 USD

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This one is for my sister ~ she adores this model.

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Nippon
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I haven't been on here for a few days now, sad to say that I have been on a "hiatus" even though I just started, lol, but I have finally gone on vacation from work and have been busy travelling around Ontario and seeing different things. It's been fun so far, but the vacation is drawing to an end and going by way too quickly. And then it will be back to office work until next Summer again. Lol.
I will be posting more regularly and hopefully will purchase a laptop at some point in the near future which will, beleive it or not, make it easier to post more often. Can't really get to a desktop when I have a brill idea when I'm two hours away. Although I do type out alot of things on my iPhone. The weather here has been fantastic and it hasn't been too humid. I have perused my new fashion fatties ( fall fash mags ) and have tunz of idea's which will be coming your way. Today is my break day so I may be able to squeeze a few tid bits in on this blog.
Anywho, for now, I am on the hunt for my photo of the day. Which I adore I loooove fashion editorials and feel they tell a story.
Tell your friends about the blog and join!


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"Everyday with Johnny sums up romantic." ~ as told to the August 2010 issue of Marie Claire UK
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I know, I know...I haven't posted in three days! This is craziness! So I woke up this morning and ran to the computer so that I could post at least something for you guys to read up on.
Anyways, I have noticed alot lately that Johnny Depp's other half, Vanessa Paradis, has been on so many covers of magazines the past few months, and not only that, but there has been quite a bit of hype surrounding her as well, she has just released a movie which she stars in called "L'arnacoeur" or "Heartbreaker", it's supposed to be the French version of "Love Actually"...I would like to see the movie, I have seen the previews and for lack of a better word, it looks "cute". Seriously. It does. Vanessa Paradis in her own way is dainty and delicate (I think those mean the same thing, ha ha ) and personally I love watching videos or interviews of her (mind you, she doesn't enjoy interviews all that much).
Not only that, but Paradis also has four more movies on the way as well. I think I am going to do a bit more research on this French songbird and actress as she almost has a magical if not incredibly intriguing quality about her.


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Constance Jablonski by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany September 2010
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Maybelline Plum Perfect Lipstick

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This deep-wine, dark-raspberry plum shade is non-drying and doesn’t bleed. Although some may argue that it’s more of a fall/winter look I think that the ballsier set should definitely try this shade during any kind of season.
I wouldn’t really suggest this shade for women with thin lips ( or any dark shade for that matter ) as it will make the lips appear thinner than usual ~ it’s a very dramatic lip colour.
Both for warm and cool toned skin colours as well as light, medium and dark ~ alot of people though, feel that this colour wouldn’t go well with peach and ruddy tone skin colours.
This lipstick is long lasting and not too matte and not too shiny either. The Colour Sensational line by Maybelline in general is fantastic as I find the lipstick moisturizes at the same time. My lips are generally softer after removing the lipstick as well.
I adore this colour ~ I tried to dabble in red lip colours for a while and find that it can be quite tricky to find the perfect shade but plum and wine coloured lip colours, although quite powerful and the focal point of the face, make any woman look fabulous. You don’t need to even wear liner or shadow. Just throw some mascara on and dab that fab colour on your pout and off you go, looking like a million bucks. Trust me, alot of people will be asking you what’s different about you.

From the tube to the lips ~ what you see is what you get from Maybelline.



"I was born in high heels and I've worn them ever since. "
Helena Christensen
My Mom's favorite model.
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Magdalena at Valentino
Magdalena Frackowiak was born in Gdansk, Poland on October 6th, 1984 and was destined to be a model. Her Mom had sent a photo of her to a Polish modeling agency for a contest and after winning the contest she was scouted by Model Plus Agency in Warsaw, Poland.
In April 2006 she landed her first cover for Italian Glamour and then interview by Polish Elle. Her big break came when she opened for Spring 07 Yves Saint Laurent runway show in Paris and at the time proclaimed her the model of the season.
She has had non-stop success since then.
In the same year, Frackowiak became the face of Ralph Lauren and landed more covers for Vogue Italia and did an extensive amount of editorials for Chinese, German and French Vogue as well as Harpers Bazaar and Flair.
The following year, she was featured in copious amounts of editorials in top magazines and renewed her contract with Ralph Lauren and was featured in Oscar De La Renta’s ad campaign with fellow Polish supermodel Anja Rubik.
Frackowiak currently lives in New York City and has taken an interest in architecture which she hopes to do in the future. Right now though she is completely focusing on her modeling career and considering she was named “model of the moment” in April 2009 in Bazaar and featured almost everywhere from editorials to ads and constantly walking the runway, it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon except to Milan, Paris, New York and back to do it all over again.


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Missy Rayder by Ditte Isager for Day Birger et Mikkelsen Fall 2010 Campaign
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"When I walk through the airport and people go, 'You're not fat!' I'm like, 'Thanks!'"
-Jessica Simpson, one of the most gorgeous gals ever.

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Model: Natasha Poly


Hello Hello!
Here you go! Some more lil tid bits to add to your shopping list. These are some much coveted baubles of mine that are sitting in my shopping card on the forever 21 website, waiting to be purchased ( once I steal my boyfriends visa ~ joke! ).
These are just a few adorable little adornments that are super cheap and super cute!

Filigree Drop Earrings $3.80USD

Jeweled Key Connector Ring $3.80USD
Peacock Antique Necklace $6.80USD
Gorgeous Statement Necklace $3.80USD
A Great Catch Necklace $10.80USD

All can be found on the website !


::what's:hot:right:now:: lovely to dream, eh? Seriously though, these peices are gorgeous! If you got the coin ~ then you're one lucky gal! My next post is going to be about some affordable baubles that you can get at Forever21. So check back soon!





(A COVET STEAL!!: $210!! Okay, a bit pricey but it's McQueen and these leggings are d.i.v.i.n.e!!)



I promised a friend ( Amber! ) that I would post another recipe, since I did say in my very first blog that I was going to touch upon a couple of different topics, but I have strayed and focused alot on fashion and clothing! So here goes nothing!
This next recipe is one of my favorites and could be used as an amazing appetizer. It's a crab stuffed mushroom. I originally tried crab stuffed mushrooms at a fine-dining restaurant in Cambridge, Ontario called "Blackshop" ( great restaurant by the way! Check their menu out at ), they had some pretty great food.
I wanted to try and remake this recipe for my boyfriend at home. You can use little cup cake tins or you can buy some inexpensive stove-friendly ceramic mushroom plates at your local culinary store.
This recipe is actually from Paula Dean. You can, of course, tweak it a bit to your liking. You can try a different seasoning, and I also love to throw some lemon juice on top after I take them out of the oven.
Hope you enjoy! Let me know how yours turns out and if you have any suggestions! <3

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1 cup crabmeat
1/2 cup cream cheese
1/2 cup fresh parsley leaves, chopped
1/2 cup green onions, chopped
4 tablespoons Parmesan
House Seasoning, recipe follows
2 portobello mushroom caps, or 10 white mushrooms caps
1/2 cup bread crumbs

Nonstick cooking spray


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
Combine the crabmeat, cream cheese, parsley, green onions and Parmesan. Season with House Seasoning, to taste. Stuff the mushroom caps with the mixture and top with bread crumbs. Spray the tops with nonstick spray to help them brown. Transfer to the oven and bake for about 20 minutes, or until the filling is hot and melted.

House Seasoning Ingredients:

1 cup salt
1/4 cup black pepper
1/4 cup garlic powder



“Everytime I go to the dentist, they always say, ‘You really need to fix that gap of yours.’ I’m like, ‘My gap is paying your dentist bills.’" --  i-D

Lara Stone


Classic Suits - Check. Scruffy Hot Men - Check. Men of Style? - Double Check.
These are the guys that stepped out on the red carpet and made the ladies swoon this past week.

Javier Bardem

Mark Wahlberg

Brad Pitt ( with Angelina Jolie )

Kellen Lutz

Zac Effron

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Balmain Strong Shouldered Black Shearling Motorcross Leather Jacket


At the teen choice awards Megan Fox steered clear of her usual vampy and sexy style and decided to go with sometime cute and flirty this time. Sporting a silver lame draped mini skirt by Isabel Marant from the designer’s Fall 2010 collection, and a printed tee. Fox also paired her outfit with bangles, a diamond elephant right by Ofira and black peep-toe platforms by Christian Louboutin.
A lot of people don’t really like the printed abstract tee but still think that the outfit in general is more age appropriate for the 24-year-old actress.
I personally like the outfit and think she looks fabulous, but then again Megan Fox looks gorgeous 99% of the time.
hat do you guys think of the actresses outfit?

PS. Am loving her hair colour by the way.



"Compared with all the other girls, I have big thighs." as told to Vogue by Doutzen Kroes


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Marie Claire has decided to give us a treat as well, following in the 3 cover choice as Elle US has done with Julia Roberts’ cover.
Mary-Kate Olsen graces the 3 different cover’s for Marie Claire’s September 2010 Fall Fashion issue. And let’s face it, the Olsen twin can pretty much wear just about anything.
The Olsen twins are spending most of their time working on their fashion line, specifically the Row, which Ashley has said in previous articles that it’s their brain child. And Mary-Kate has been quoted saying that it had taken them a year-and-a-half to make the first T-shirt. Still both actresses/designers have said that they aren’t done acting just yet and if any good roles come along that they will most definitely consider getting back to the big screen although most of their time is being focused on their fashion lines.
Mary-Kate’s photo shoot for Marie Claire was at The Inn in Quogue, New York and was spotted wearing a mishmash of designer duds, anywhere from Valentino to Christopher Kane along with her own vintage leather jacket.
When it comes to her life portrayed through the tabloids ( topics touching upon everything from her past eating disorder to her spending time with the late Heath Ledger) MK was quoted as saying “I think it’s really important to be able to talk when something’s wrong. I learned at a really young age that if you don’t talk about it, it can drive you insane.”

I think Marie Claire did a fantastic job in choosing the perfect covergirl for their September issue. The photo’s are absolutely gorgeous and the magazine can be found on newsstands now.

What do you guys think of MK on the cover of MC?



Harley-Davidson Hottie Marisa Miller
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“I have the hugest . . . overbite. It’s so big, my older brothers and sisters used to call me “Bugs”. I looked like a bottle opener. But I’ve never fixed my bite because it’s one of the things that makes me me.”
Eva Mendes
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Clad in a gray t-shirt and black leather paints, the 46-year-old Sandra Bullock accepted the award for the Choice Movie Actress at the Teen Choice Awards 2010.

She sported loose beachy waves and looked every bit of the quintessential bad-ass beach babe.
I think she looks absolutely fab and looks amazing even after all that she has been through this past year.

What do you guys think about Bullock's young biker chick look?


Michael Kors ~ Barley Mohair short-sleeve dolman cable dress