Saturday, August 07, 2010


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I looooooove Christina beyond all comprehension. She is gorgeous, has the most incredible voice of all singers, has touching lyrics, great concerts and pretty much great everything.

I never liked her in her pre-dirrty days and even when the single Dirrty came out I was still a bit put off. But then I randomly fell in love with her non chalance, her girl power mantra and her "I ain't takin shit" mentality.

It's kind of indescribable when people ask you who your most favorite artist is. You may name a few before you think of that ONE artist that you are crazy to watch 24/7. The one artist you can watch their concerts over and over, follow their red carpet trend setting, their hairstyles, clothes, make-up and their papparazi photos to a tee.
An idol if you will.
I know there was a backlash with people saying X-Tina, or as Perez Hilton says, "Floptina" was following or "copying" Lady Gaga and "copying" her style.
Sorry ladies and gents, Christina is in a league of her own. No one can even begin to put those two in the same category. Lady Gaga is a new and up and coming artist with her own sense of style and music.
How can you even compare their music to eachother? Especially when Aguilera has been out for gawd knows how long and has been making record breaking hits since even we've been 15.
Her voice is incredible, her performances are ridiculously entertaining, her persona in general is just retardedly delightful to watch.
Yea sure, she may not be as "innovative" as Gaga at the moment, but Gaga is basically a newbie, X-Tina is a veteran.
And even though she may not be as innovative as back in the day, Christina was the one that paved the way for being comfortable with your sexuality. Paved the way for crazy fashion. Paved the way for even more kick ass girl power. Paved the way for another step in the ladder for women to take over the music industry. And yes ladies and gents, paved the way for Rihanna, Katey Perry and most of all Gaga.


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