Monday, August 23, 2010


So a few weeks ago some ladies I knew passed along a catalogue at work for "Venus". I thought the title was so-so and wasn't really interested as a Victoria's Secret catalogue went around as well with the latest track suits/bras/swim suits, etc. But I decided to look through it anyways and was pretty surprised. That catalogue had some pretty sweet outfits/articles of clothing. And, it's pretty inexpensive as well.
I know it's the season to start getting ready for Fall Fashion ~ so I decided to put together a couple different photo's and you can find these pieces of clothing on . Most are what's "in" at the moment, lots of chunky knits, over the knee boots, animal print, etc.
You can order the catalogue online or even shop the catalogue through their site, it's pretty easy to navigate through as well.


Popcorn Zip Up Sweater $49 USD

Military Coat $79 USD

Over the knee Boot $79 USD

Long Sleeve Wrap $29 USD

Long and Lean Zebra Tee $16 USD

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