Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I found quite the delightful recipe online today on one of my favorite sites: MindBodyGreen.

I am really trying to transition to a completely organic and healthy way of eating – which takes a bit of work. I work at a huge University with quite the cafeteria…although after working here for nearly 6 years all the food gets soooo boring – YAWN! Not to mention that there are a lot of foods that they sell there that are just so unhealthy. Sure they have a salad bar that caters to some vegans or people that have a gluten intolerance, but I am not sure I would be able to get through a day on a bit of quinoa with carrots. :/ This caf can definitely use some work!

Anyways! I try and eat as healthful as possible and obviously that has worked for me in helping me sustain a 50lb weight loss! But now it’s time to play around a little. :) Since quitting a lot of crappy foods such as refined starches and alcohol I have been craving sweets a little more than a bit lately. I have been hording chocolate like nobody’s business! Another thing, is that I have barely been cooking! That’s right…I used to cook every single night, no matter what time it was, I would try new recipes constantly, but with a full time job, full time school and full time everything else, I just don’t have the time or energy so a lot of the times Travis will make his own dinner {usually pizza, he is a fiend} and I will have salads. Lots of salads. Obsessed with arugula lately. And feta cheese!
So….it’s time to get back into the kitchen and try new things! So this is the first thing I am going to give a try, especially this long weekend that is coming up! 

This recipe is apparently not only healthy but gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegan and Paleo eating plans! :)

Maybe Trav and I can work on this one together. :P


It's couture time! 
Used to be one of my most favorite times of year...especially when Galliano was around. Alas, he no longer is. *sniff*sniff* I wonder what he is up to these days. 
Anyways...I will share some collections that I enjoyed going through. What are your favorite looks so far??

I will start with Elie Saab - honestly, this man can do no wrong. His designs are, for lack of a better word, MAGIC.

Monday, July 28, 2014


{Wrote this post on Friday - thus the Friday/weekend talk!}

Happy Friday my friends! 
What a week it has been. Lot's has been going on that I am feeling 1) scatterbrained and 2) overwhelmed! I am so very tired and can pretty much fall asleep anywhere at this point. I have been getting OK sleep...but I just need a weekend where I am just super lazy! Speaking of weekends, lots planned for the next little while! August is going to be a busy month, outside and inside of work for sure but there is a fitness expo coming up in my city that I am excited about among other things. 
The gym is going fabulously, I am enjoying that a lot. I did a health assessment there and I am not in the best shape (obviously) and was told I would benefit from a personal trainer. Of course I would. Hmphf. 
I *almost* got suckered in, but not before asking the opinion of many others and coming to the conclusion that at this point I am just going to 'train myself'. Eventually if I want to really work out to my max potential I may consider a trainer. 
So now I gotta avoid this fitness consultant guy at the gym....lol! 

Not so bad...it's open on both sides! 
 I just wanted to share something with you guys today, that might help others, you never know! 
Last night I had to go for my first ever MRI. GAHH!!
A few months ago I got the appointment booked at a hospital and didn't think too much of it...I didn't want to overthink it because I already have pretty bad anxiety and this would just exasperate it, but of course, the night before I began reading horror stories online that just didn't help at all - duh!! 

Monday, July 21, 2014


Happy MONday!

I am, for serious, not a Monday person...I TRY and TRY to be, but it just doesn't work out for me. I like my Monday's low-key...and just want to get through the day {lol} but today is going to be far from low-key. I just want to get through this day and then go home to my comfy bed. :) 

Friday, July 18, 2014


I must admit that I am having difficulties staying away from posting editorials...probably because they are so damn fabulous! Lol. I just love beautiful things and feel like I need to share the beauty and inspiring photo's with everyone. 
This next editorial is just to-die-for gorgeous. 
I was never a huge Blake Lively fan - I was Blair Waldorf-obsessed {you know you love me!}...all the way!! Lol. But now since she has taken my honey {Ryan Reynolds} and heard she is coming out with a blog of her own {I can't wait!!} and after seeing her in this s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g editorial...I think I may be officially obsessed!

Blake Lively shot by Mario Testino for the August 2014 issue of Vogue. 
NEED to get my hands on this issue!! 

::covetable:items:: - almost time for sweaters!

Since losing the bulk of my weight I have taken an interest in shopping again {obviously}...times like these I wish I won the lottery. Lol.
I must say I am feeling a little overwhelmed as I just don't know at this point what size I am anymore...and I am not big into changerooms and get really moody sometimes so you can imagine how shopping me with me can go at times. I have become very aware and familiar with my body though after all this. I *know* what will fit and what won't. What will look good and what will look...not so good. So it's definitely an advantage to being aware of that. 

I just find that a lot of the clothes at stores are ridiculously overpriced! Mini rant here...just because us bigger ladies want nice clothes doesn't mean you can jack up the price for an extra couple inches of material. Seriously!! The plus size stores that I used to shop at would charge $50-$60 for A SHIRT!! A simple freakin shirt! It was quite disappointing, so you can imagine, I didn't go shopping all that often {unless I was in the States, Lane Bryant often has great sales}. 

I found a grrrreat site, omg....AliExpress. I am *obsessed* with that site...I recently ordered a few sweatshirts for my boyfriend from there and some awesome jewelry which I will share once the order comes in. The only drawback is that it does take some time to actually get to me! About 2-4 weeks. Which isn't a 'biggie' but for some people that just doesn't jive. I am okay with it...when these babies come in from day to day it's like a ltitle surprise because when you order from the site, you get a total of all your purchases but usually they come from a few different people {unless the bulk of your order is from one specific person/shop}.
There are some reviews out there about 'scams' and whatnot...but I honestly have not had a problem thus far {knock on wood} and have been quite happy with the service so far. The pricing is unbelievable too. I am just not sure if I would order certain thing such as electronics but...I guess you never know unless you try. They also have a 'customer protection' thingermabob too...so for those semi-nervous buyers, you can put your mind at ease. I have never had to use it, so that's a bonus for me. 
Definitely not a site for those that won't even do online banking though...I guess you just gotta have a little faith. Lol. 

Here are some items that I am SERIOUSLY coveting right now from that site. :) Mostly sweaters...or I think all sweaters, haha. But that's because the cooler weather is coming in...and I am usually cold when at work. So this works. ;)

One word of caution - these are ASIAN SIZES. So buyer beware in the respect that you need to measure yourself before you purchase anything like clothing. I just went with it initially and later realized that I seriously need to measure before I buy anything. 

This bad boy is only $9.99! I love it...I love the little birdies and it looks pretty BA with those pleather leggings...which I think now I may look into....lol!


I am still tweaking the page! But I think I am pretty content with the way that it looks. Minus a few blips here and there. So please be patient with me! I am working on fixing this all up. 
I can't believe that Fall is ALMOST here! But it is pretty much my favorite season so I am totally fine with that. ;) Well, other then the fact that I am supposed to be done school shortly as well which is FREAKING ME OUT!!!
I have one more module left and 11 case studies left to do - the case studies are what's killing me - but I will persevere and do well! 
I receive many questions about school. What I take, where I take it, what I can do with it in the future, what I study, etc etc. 
I figure I may as well just do a little blurb answering all these questions. :) 
And who knows, it might help someone else make the decision...take the plunge...to go into holistic nutrition or preventive medicine themselves. We'll start off with the basics and go from there.


Is it Fall out there or what? 
One moment I am cranking that AC dial and the next I am considering turning the heat on. What is with this weather?! 
To be quite honest, I don't really mind it other then the fact that it's throwing me for a loop because I am thinking it's late August or something. When it's only mid-July....it really is beginning to feel like Fall in the dead of Summer! Not right! 
Because after all, you know that I am *obsessed* with Autumn. But I am not going to get crazy about that just yet...I don't want to wear the novelty out on that before September even hits! 

I signed up for the gym again! Yea yea yeaaaaaa. Why did I sign up for the gym? Because I miss the crap out of it, I really do!! I used to LOVE going to the gym with Travis and some of our friends. You felt absolutely fabulous afterwards and I remember the time where I would see my calves when I flexed them and what an accomplishment THAT was! I want to get back to that. I want to get serious this time as well. Of course it helps that my schooling has taken me to new levels when it comes to my own knowledge now on fitness and nutrition so the sky is the limit at this point in my books. Or at least, this is what I'm thinkin. ;) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Please bear with me as I am making some changes to my blog! 


Saturday, July 12, 2014


It's been a while! I have been very busy with school and work - so thus the reason why I have been MIA. Who can blame me? There are so many things to talk about...I have been considering changing the look of my blog completely - but not sure if I should do it, or look into someone doing it for me. I also feel like I need to change the direction of this blog - so instead of a lot of 'fashion is my passion' write about day to day things and life and write on subjects that really are my passion. I mean, I love clothes and all, I love to buy them and go shopping but at this point there are other things in life that I am passionate about right now. I used to be able to tell you who the up and coming designers are, the new models and everything - now I don't even know what is on the up and up. I guess ever since Kimye came on the scene in the fashion world I made my exit. Lol. I can't take fashion and all the designers seriously when they are working with those two. Ha. ;) 
I just wanted to quickly write and say that I haven't forgotten about everybody! I am still floating around and hope to get back to the blogging game very soon with some changes. It will just take me some time to spruce things up. 
But I WILL be back!! 
Happy Weekend!! ;) 

Oh and with that, here is a picture of my beyond adorable babies!! You're welcome!! :D