Friday, July 18, 2014


Is it Fall out there or what? 
One moment I am cranking that AC dial and the next I am considering turning the heat on. What is with this weather?! 
To be quite honest, I don't really mind it other then the fact that it's throwing me for a loop because I am thinking it's late August or something. When it's only really is beginning to feel like Fall in the dead of Summer! Not right! 
Because after all, you know that I am *obsessed* with Autumn. But I am not going to get crazy about that just yet...I don't want to wear the novelty out on that before September even hits! 

I signed up for the gym again! Yea yea yeaaaaaa. Why did I sign up for the gym? Because I miss the crap out of it, I really do!! I used to LOVE going to the gym with Travis and some of our friends. You felt absolutely fabulous afterwards and I remember the time where I would see my calves when I flexed them and what an accomplishment THAT was! I want to get back to that. I want to get serious this time as well. Of course it helps that my schooling has taken me to new levels when it comes to my own knowledge now on fitness and nutrition so the sky is the limit at this point in my books. Or at least, this is what I'm thinkin. ;) 

So I went for the first time yesterday and I felt amazeballs afterwards. I really did and I am soooo looking forward to going again today. 
Unfortunately though, Travis had taken my headphones the night before so I wasn't able to listen to any music! But I persevered. ;) And I remembered to bring them today. 
I think that I will do cardio for a while - even though I signed up to use their weight room specifically. I want to lose about another 10-15lbs and think cardio will help me out in that respect and then afterwards I need to tone it up. I know that when I start lifting as well that I am going to see a difference on the scale. I know that many people don't agree that using the scale is the best idea...but in my books, it works. 
If I step on that thing and see something I don't like then I know that I need to step my game up - if I gained about 3lbs overnight, I know that I ate something the day before that bloated me up to no end and need to make better food choices, as sodium IS good for you but it's not THAT good for you, and not in large quantities. 
AND if I see a number on the scale that I LIKE then it motivates me even more! If I go above and beyond, then I give myself a bit of a break as well. So for's a good source of motivation. I don't get down in the dumps...of course sometimes I sit there and go 'ouch!' - but you gotta keep going. And that was my problem in the past, I just gave up. 

Looking forward to the gym!
What sort of exercises do you guys like doing? What machines do you use and what weight machines would you recommend? 

PS. Don't mind my nails...I had to get them redone so they are look terrrrrible there. 


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