Saturday, July 12, 2014


It's been a while! I have been very busy with school and work - so thus the reason why I have been MIA. Who can blame me? There are so many things to talk about...I have been considering changing the look of my blog completely - but not sure if I should do it, or look into someone doing it for me. I also feel like I need to change the direction of this blog - so instead of a lot of 'fashion is my passion' write about day to day things and life and write on subjects that really are my passion. I mean, I love clothes and all, I love to buy them and go shopping but at this point there are other things in life that I am passionate about right now. I used to be able to tell you who the up and coming designers are, the new models and everything - now I don't even know what is on the up and up. I guess ever since Kimye came on the scene in the fashion world I made my exit. Lol. I can't take fashion and all the designers seriously when they are working with those two. Ha. ;) 
I just wanted to quickly write and say that I haven't forgotten about everybody! I am still floating around and hope to get back to the blogging game very soon with some changes. It will just take me some time to spruce things up. 
But I WILL be back!! 
Happy Weekend!! ;) 

Oh and with that, here is a picture of my beyond adorable babies!! You're welcome!! :D 


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