Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here are some older hits that I forgot to post. Oops! 
Oh, and enjoy. :))


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


How some people know I am obsessed with the likes of Ava Cowan and Audrey Hepburn I am also obsessed with Kate Moss {what a mix, eh?}. 
I have been captivated with her since I was a wee thing watching Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television with me Mamma and Sis {Dad wasn't into it, lol}. 
I used to watch fashion on tv religiously and got my hands on pretty much every fashion magazine I could. 
But Kate was always my number 1...I felt I could relate {maybe not weight-wise and whatnot} but when growing up I looked up to all these models and really wanted to be one myself...I mean I REEEAAAALLLY wanted to be one. 
But I wasn't 5'9" - something that my best friend at the time was and I was jealous of - I wasn't super skinny but at the time I was thin enough {despite some "fat periods"} but it was "hopeless" because no matter how thin I got, I wasn't tall enough! 
I even considered surgically getting my legs elongated {okay, maybe I didn't actually consider it, I just found an article about this in Marie Claire a while ago how girls were doing this in Asia} but anyways...
But there was always a glimmer of hope...because Kate is the highest paid model on the planet and she is only 5'6". A height that I am...or just shy of. And hello? There is Devon Aoki too, who is only 5'5" and she made it pretty big as well. 
Anyways...this is why I loved Kate...I think in a way I will always be obsessed with her, not because she is thin and beautiful but I find her lifestyle "utopian" - I mean, did you see her wedding?! Seriously. I can just imagine her gorgeous little {meaning insanely big} stone house {mansion}, covered in ivy and a garden abundant with flowers and gardens {think the movie 'Ever After' with Drew Barrymore} in the English countryside.
Just floating around in a gorgeous diaphanous Galliano gown {just because} adorned with diamonds and fur {faux, of course} eating and drinking from extravagant china.
I could go on and on really...
Anyways...I am smitten with Kate Moss. 

I know this next editorial evokes nothing of what I described in the post above {lol} but it's still Kate and I still love it. 

Kate Moss for Harpers Bazaar June/July 2012.


{Source: KateMossOnline.Net}