Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Happy Birthday to me!! birthday was yesterday and I am not entirely sure why I didn't post yesterday since I sat on my ass pretty much the entire day but I am here!
Actually, I cleaned for most of the day, went for a quick walk and patiently waited for my boyfriend to get off work - and he was late because he went out to get my birthday present *the day of*. But I am not surprised because he does that all the time. 
It was - overall - a good birthday-day and evening save a few hiccups that got me a bit upset but whatever. I am going to do a birthday part II today because I can and I think I deserve it. Especially since I still had to cook yesterday - and I
Anyways...I have been down in the dumps lately - I am still unable to find a job but I really need to step my game up in that regard. I have to get myself out there more. 
I am excited to announce that this weekend I am going to go to an open house for a school that I want to apply to. It's the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and it is something that really interests me. 
So *yay* for me! :))
My Sister is going to California this weekend with her bf and I am quite jealous! So I wish her and her bf safe and happy travels and fantastic weather! Which I am sure they will have regardless. 

On another note, I got some fabulous gifts from loved ones!
First of all, check this monogrammed goblet from my Sister. It is sooo cute and I love it!

I loooove it and had a little toast with the boyfriend last night from it. I don't want to use it because I don't want it to break! If it ever did then I'd be heartbroken!
My Sister got me a few things - same with my parentals which I LOOOOVE. 
And then here is what the boyfriend got me and brought to the house with him last night!
To be quite honest, I had a hunch that this was what I was going to get and I LOVE it!! 

A lovely Panasonic iPod/iPhone dock. I love it! Now I can listen to my Polish radio station and lounge music super loud! I am not sure where I am going to keep it...right now it is in the bedroom but it will be perfect to take outside and it charges on its own and is wireless too! So my phone doesn't have to sit in there. It is also a CD player - how cool is that, seriously??
I love it! Thank you Travy! :)) 

So yea! I wanted to share some of the things I got with you guys and how my day went. 
Like I said, today will be birthday-day for me part deux. 
This time we will order take-out and spend the day out in the backyard. 
Oh, which reminds me, I finally planted my veggie garden and the bf planted a lovely flower garden in front of our windows but I will share pics of that with you later. 
It sure is purdy and I just got in from watering them. 
It is a warm day today but no sunshine. 
Thunderstorms for the next few days apparently! I was hoping for one last night but alas - no thunderboomers. 
I hope everyone is having a lovely and happy hump day!

PS. Sorry for any typos or grammatical errors ;P - I don't feel like spell-checking today. Lol. 



  1. HAPPY Birthday!! I hope that it was Super-Amazing!!!


  2. Oh.... best of luck at the open house! I hope that it is everything that you are looking for it to be!

  3. Thanks so much Chris! I really appreciate it! :))