Thursday, May 03, 2012


Made my first dinner with barely any salt today...will need time to get used to it. :/ 

Well, first of all, I would like to share that my birthday is a mere 20 days away! Or 19...I suck at math. Lol. But yea...yay me! :))
But besides that, my blood pressure has {thankfully!} gone back down. Not sure why it was so damn high the other day...actually, I do...and my bestie Kev and I figured out that it was probably the fact that on Tuesday I had about 1,400 mg of sodium for lunch ALONE. 
Sad and disgusting, I realize this. Hahaha, it was so funny to see his face when I explained that my dressing on it's own was 1,400 mg. It had A LOT of salt. Aiaiai.

Yea, ouch is right.

Today went by rather quickly and tomorrow is already Friday and the weekend is fastly approaching. It will be a quiet weekend, I'm sure. Probably do some work around our place or maybe go on a road trip somewhere. The bf is on antibiotics as he stabbed himself in the hand with a tire reamer {poor guy} - in case you have no idea what a tire reamer is - google it. Yea, you might cringe at the sight of it. 
Never mind, I added the picture. There ya go! 
But his hand is doing alright and thank God that he didn't stab himself in the tendon muscle or that wouldn't have been good at all. 

Loving Rooney Mara. 

Well, I just finished the last instalment of the Stieg Larsson books - and I must say my favourite is definitely "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest". For sure. It is a lot more exciting and it all tied in and ended quite nicely. I could keep going but I don't want to give it away; whether you are reading the books or going to be checking the movies out. 
But it was quite good! 
Now I have basically run out of books...I definitely love my literature. 

It's Storm season! Let's put on some Twister!

The afternoon was a good one. The bf and I sat outside the front of our place and storm watched...or rather patiently waited for it to come, which it eventually did and got quite dark but it was short-lived unfortunately. We did get some hail! But there wasn't enough thunderboomers to satisfy me. I am sure we will have a lot more in the next few months and was excited regardless for this one. I am sure we will get some more wicked ones soon. 
So it was nice to finally be able to sit outside with a light sweater and just chat and watch Mother Nature unleash her fury onto us. 
It got furiously dark and it was thrilling. 
I love storms. 

Googling this was a bad idea...

Now I sit in bed...becoming increasingly tired as the minutes pass on...listening to the new Norah Jones album - she is a great singer btw - and figuring out what to do tomorrow. It was supposed to rain but I think the weather network changed their minds...again. No surprise there. And I keep hearing damn noises...I am sure it is the house settling from the ridiculous heat wave we got today {not that I'm complaining} but it is freaking me out. 
It was just one of those days today where every little noise has made me almost jump out of my skin. 

Alright, so this is obviously just a rambling post. 
So there is nothing more to say for now...I could keep going...but it might be a waste of your time and mine. Lol. 
Just kidding. 

Happy Early Friday Everyone!!!


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