Sunday, December 30, 2012


So as I said in my last post my boss got me a cookbook ~ the new Tyler Florence "Fresh". I have been waiting for this book for foreverrrr and I have no idea how she knew that I wanted it. But I got it! Lol. :) This cookbook is gorgeous. It is entirely all about fresh ingredients, local home-grown fruit and veg and organic meats. 
These recipes border on gourmet but it is something totally fun to try with your girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon or make for your man on date night. :) 
The book also isn't separated into your typical chapters of "breakfast", "brunch" and the like but more like "Eggs", "Beets", "Cauliflower". So it is pretty interesting using just regular ingredients but turning it into something MORE. 
So here is a recipe that I just randomly picked out of the book. Make sure to check the book out!! 

Bon Appetit!

Smoked Eggs with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Parmesan, and Pancetta
Serves 4


Yea yea...hiatus. I am back though! The last week or so have been so busy with Christmas, parties, dinners, dranks, hangouts, Lou'e. 
But it has been good. Unfortunately this year didn't feel like Christmas for me at all but that's alright...there is always next year...will definitely try to get into the spirit a heck of a lot faster then this year - usually I put my tree up in November, this year, it was like, the second week of December. Also, Sky couldn't be that was sad. :(

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I legit think I am becoming a crazy dog lady ~ don't get me wrong, I totes don't think that is a bad thing...but I am pretty soon going to have to look for a part-time job for all the stuff I have been getting him {or at least this is what the boyfriend says, lol}. Nah, I am not going to. I just have to make sure that it is quality over quantity...don't want crap toys and whatnot, of course it is hard not to spoil your pup. I just want him super healthy and want him to be a happy baby. He is after all, only 14 weeks. 
I am trying to train him as well as I possibly can, let me tell ya, he is a chewer. That is for sure, so some bitter apple is in order. I also need to get some odor/stain remover from the pets store for those little accidents he seems to have at times...currently I am using Lysol Wipes, I guess that isn't too bad either. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I stopped eating beef about 7-8 years ago, it was a spur of the moment random decision because my ex worked at a beef packaging plant that I decided I was going to stop eating red meat entirely {wait, is pork a red meat?}. 
That's not to say that I didn't love a burger or a steak like the next person. My Mom & Dad used to make some amazing beef dishes that were just delicious. 
Especially stews and such...which of course, I miss. 
I have decided though that I can't allow Travis to suffer and my having to drag him onto the "no beef" train...because he is a big red meat lover. 
So I am going to make a stew for him at some point over the Christmas holidays...and I found a fantastic recipe on the Self mag website. It is a lightened up version of your beef stew so you don't have to worry about extra calories. 
What better way to spend a quiet and cozy night home while it's snowing outside then with a big bowl of beef stew? :) 

Bon Appetit!

Lightened-Up Bistro Beef Stew


Sorry I have been MIA the last few days. I am not feeling too hot as I got a I am feeling OK. But not great...I just have no energy and all I want to do is sleep. My throat is driving me crazy and sleep is non-existent because my nose is plugged all night and overall I feel like a bag of ass. Lol. Not fun. Especially when there is only a week before Christmas. I just gotta take it as easy as I can so that I don't get worse because I am notorious for pushing myself and then just being super-duper sick after that.
I have to also keep my anxiety in check, there are a lot of things that have been bothering me and that I am worried about. It could all be in my head...who know's...but things need to be figured out.
Also - the news that broke out last week of the shooting at Sandyhook Elementary is just devestating. Thoughts and prayers are with those all that have been affected. 
And those little ones along with the adults rest in peace. 

Anyways, I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!
My boss is off and going to brave the malls today, good luck Trish! Lol. :) 

Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in “Savage Beauty” for Fashion Gone Rogue.


Friday, December 14, 2012


Olga is so gorgeous. I wish her and Bond had more of a love story in Quantum of Solace. 
I love James Bond...
Daniel Craig is so hot.

Olga Kurylenko in BlackBook December/January issue.



So today is the last day of exams for students and it is going to get quiet here next week. Real quiet. When I worked at the old print shop the last week before holiday's were brutal. Meaning just dead quiet, because a lot of people take an extra week off before the holidays to do their shopping, get ready for their families, etc. 
Which won't be too bad at the same time because I will be able to bring Lou'e in and it'll be quiet for him. I pick up Travis' Christmas gift and I hope that he really likes it. 
I also have to begin all my other Christmas shopping! This weekend is going to be a busy one and I wish it wasn't. I wish it were quiet and lazy! But that ain't gonna happen. Lol. 
Maybe next weekend? Highly unlikely. 
I am just ready for 5pm already! I have a bit of cleaning to do and then some studying as well...I want to finish my first subject and move on to the next. Lots of work!
Anyways. I am going to quit rambling...because I was on a role, stopped for a minute, got pissed off at something...and now I have totally lost my train of thought. 
Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!!!

I think this next issue is out. I MUST get it. Kate Bosworth looks GORGEOUS on the cover. Ugh. 
Harper's Bazaar Australia, January 2013 issue.


Thursday, December 13, 2012



That is all.



Growing up my Mom used to make potato pancakes a lot and they were soooo delicious...I almost forgot all about them until I saw an email that came in from Self Mag with a "lightened-up" version of this delicious meal. :) 

Bon Appetit!
Lightened-Up Potato Pancakes


Because I can't get into the spirit of Christmas {I know, wtf?} I am going to try and get into the mood and peruse Christmas-themed Tumblr blogs...hopefully it helps. 
I want it to feel like Christmas. It is my favourite time of year! Oh please let it snow already!!!


I have been sitting here and thinking a bit {I know, sometimes not a good thing, haha}...and about how people come into your life and just as easily leave. 

I am grateful for meeting the people I have and whom I have come across my entire life and not just recently.
Sometimes though when people take the back exit out of your life you are left feeling bewildered, to say the least. 
And sometimes it is even more perplexing when you honestly don't have any clue as to what you did...or when you are clumped into a group of people that the person has put on their "I don't want to talk to anymore list" bad apple, right?
It is unfortunate...when people judge you and just don't give you an honest chance to make the relationship or friendship grow into something that could be gratifying for both persons involved. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Good morning lovelies. 
I can feel myself getting progressively worse {cold?} for whatever reason. This morning I woke up and simply had NO energy whatsoever. I am tired, my nose is running, my throat is dry, my tummy hurts, my eyes feel like they are bulging out of my head. Ugh. I really hope it doesn't go full blown. I took tunz of vitamins {I know, not always good for you} but I have no appetite and I need to get my nutrients from somewhere, right!? Anyways, my boss needs me. ;P

Christmas is around the corner and I have been pondering what to get my family and such...I think I have a pretty good idea. I am quite excited to give Travis his present, I have the perfect gift idea for him. :) I hope he likes it though. I can't say anything...even though he doesn't read this blog, who knows, he might get suspicious. ;) 

I am also going to super spoil Lou'e. Obvie. 
It is always just so hard around the holidays...especially when you have a crap-tun of bills to pay. Bleh. 

Okay, so I am going to do a BUNCH of style hits and misses...some of them are recent, some are's just a few that I like. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


Here are some style hits that I forgot to post last week.


Well, as always the weekend has flown by. The only reason why I don't like this {well, whoever does?} is because my time with Lou'e and Travis are cut short. Travis is working cray-cray hours since it is the Winter he doens't technically get off work until 3ish on Saturday's...and then the next couple hours are usually spent running errands and then boom, it is Sat night and time for bed...Sunday's are lazy days...but this weekend I cooked for pretty much all of it. I made cabbage rolls on Saturday {lots of work} and then yesterday I tried those Mushroom Goatcheese turned out 'okay'. Now, if I had more patience than I am sure they would turn out amazing. But I also have NO space in my the phyllo dough wasn't entirely covered in butter and it was just all over the place. It was nice when Travis helped me with the goat cheese, as he never likes to help in the kitchen. 
I just made them too big...and they annoyed me. Legit annoyed me! To the point where Travis had to tell me to shut up. He enjoyed them and they weren't BAD but next time {if there will be a next time with this recipe} I will have to put more effort and time into it. 
PS. If anyone feels inclined to give me a gift I would really love a slap chop. Because I hate cutting onions!! Omg. My makeup was ALL over my face was sad. And such a waste!! So SLAP CHOP PLEASE!!! I had one...and it broke. :( Saddest day of life. Lol.
Anyways! Back to Monday! I seriously need to get a handle on my studying again since I have just been obsessed with Lou'e. So that is the plan for today/tonight. Same goes with healthy eating. My goodness I am going to be back at my heaviest if I don't get a handle on it either! 
Anyways...I will be sharing some recipes today as well as editorials. Hope everyone is having a lovely MONday!! (MY-day)
And I am still waiting on that snow Mother Nature!!!

Elise Crombez by Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands December 2012.

Saturday, December 08, 2012


What a lazy bum Saturday so far. Sheesh! BUT, I am so glad it is the weekend. I can spend all of it with little Lou'e. Who is so pooped and fast asleep because he had gone for a cold and rainy walk which he wasn't too impressed with. Lol. 
It is a very dark and rainy day here in Ontario ~ I am beginning to think that we aren't going to have a White Christmas this year. :( Boourns. It is like, +5C out there and raining. I don't mind the rain at all ~ I love it, but I just wish it were snowing. 
I am listening to Christmas music {Lady Antebellum} and the tree is on and there are Christmas specials on the Food Network but it just doesn't feel like Christmas. Feels like I am listening to Christmas music in March or something, lol. 
Travis' brother and his fiancee are getting ready to go to Jamaica today to get married ~ so congrats to them! Nothing would beat some fun in the sun and sand right now. :)
I can't wait to see the pics. 
The weekend as well is going to be a quiet one...I will blog a lot...thinking of picking up another game for Travis so he can play that and I plan on making golabki today too {cabbage rolls}. I want to take Lou'e to see Santa today at PetsMart too! 
I am also going through a slew of photo's that my parents took on their recent trip to Europe that I would love to share with you guys. Croatia. Poland. Hungary. Italy. 
Ugh, looking through these photo's makes me so jealous and I really want to plan a trip there sometime next year. How fantastic that would be!?!
Okay...I also have a lottery ticket that I need to get checked out, I could be a millionaire and not even know it. :/ Lol. 
Anyways, that is pretty much enough rambling from me. I am going to bombard Lou'e with kisses right now, make a quick cup of soup and start vacuuming! Then get ready myself since I look like a hot mess.

Caroline, Karlie, Jourdan, Frida & Aymeline by Craig McDean for Vogue US March 2012.


{Source: NoirFacade}

Thursday, December 06, 2012


I'm going to tell you one thing about Blogger than bothers's people that are trying to get their blog "out there"...get more followers because they think this means that their blog is "that good". That isn't the case my friends. 
Also, when people comment on my posts - have absolutely nothing to say about what I originally posted and just wrote "Nice blog! Follow me?" 
Maybe this post is going to get some unfollowers, I really don't care...
The thing is, I follow y'all that ask me to. I have no problem...I peruse through your blog and check it out...comment on your post and say I am a new follower, just so you know...maybe you follow me, maybe you don't. What is irritating is the people that do this and then a week later unfollow you. They think "HA! I got more followers!" or some stupid crap like that. What is the purpose of unfollowing, really...
Maybe I am now going on about followers but honestly I wonder what it is about my blog that people don't like...and if you don't like than why don't you tell me something about the blog that you just don't appreciate?
I don't know, it's pointless writing about this and it just makes me sound like a bitter crab apple but I just wanted to get it out there. That is all. Lol. 

Update: SideNote.
Something may have been misconstrued. I don't mind at all if you comment and ask me to follow - I definitely will. I guess just that day I was upset that I lost 2 followers. But oh well, it happens. 


Wednesday, December 05, 2012




When Travis and I first went to California together to visit my parents my Mom had made this one to-die-for recipe that involved delicious salmon and phyllo dough. She called it "paper-fish". 
What it is, is salmon wrapped in phyllo dough and baked in the oven {or you can probably BBQ it too}.
It is so freakin' delicious. 

In the new issue of Everyday Food there is a lot more sweet recipes in there than savoury like I was hoping for since it is their Christmas "special". Oh well...
I did, however, stumble upon a small section in the magazine that has a few recipes that star phyllo dough. There is actually a salmon recipe in there too, although a bit tweaked with some spinach and cream cheese added in for good measure {and a bit of fat content}.

Monday, December 03, 2012


Here are some style hits for you on this lovely Monday morning. 
And some style misses. 
Before I go on, there were A LOT of style misses the past week. Ugh. What were some of these celebs thinking!? A repeat offender? Rihanna. Fergie. Pippa Middleton.

Katy Perry got it right a couple of times the last few times she was seen on the red carpet...I put Rita Ora there just because there is competition there between her and Rihanna...and I don't like Rihanna (lol).
I love Jessica Simpson and she just looks casual chic. 
Jennifer Lawrence is just sheer perfection in my eyes and she looks so freakin' gorgeous every time she steps out on any carpet. 
Taylor Swift, she looks nice but honestly, is the pressure getting to her? She looks scary skinny here and that's not a good role model for young girls. 


I am not a huge fan of breakfast. I know this sounds absolutely terrible coming from someone who is studying holistic nutrition. I am not going to lie, if I don't have to, I won't eat breakfast, and a lot of the time I will just have a latte, or force myself to have a protein shake. I say that I don't have the time in the morning to cook, I do, but I just don't want to. Not right in the morning. I am trying to eat more yogurt...and I feed that to Travis too. Lol. At my old work, when food was free I would always get an egg white omelette with mushrooms and one slice of multigrain toast. Man do I miss that...because THAT was good...but as I said, I don't want to stand at the stove at 6am cooking this for myself. So I don't. Anyways...this is a habit that I have formed and abided by over the years...not good and I am going to try and make more of an effort - make something the night before, who knows. I do know a few people that religiously eat breakfast despite not enjoying it themselves...I don't believe my Sister likes breakfast much...and my Mom always has breakfast. I saw this next recipe in the newest issue of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food...I saw this and immediately thought of my Mom. I don't think I will try it because it has banana's and I am not a fan (lol) but maybe my Sis and Mom will try this out and maybe one of you darlings will as well. 

Bon Appetit!!


Wow. Did I disappear or what? Sorry! :/ 
Honestly though, if you had the bundle of joy that I have right now than you would be all over him and not blogger or anything else for that matter. Lol.
It is week 3 now with little Lou'e and he is going in for his third set of shots at the vet tomorrow. I am sure he won't like his vet visit very much, but it's gotta be done. 
The weekend was quite good, but than again, it flew by way too fast. I just wish we had an extra day in there somewhere! Damn.

Dark Belgium Chocolate. This box of chocolate is super expensive and came straight from Belgium from my Pappafranz!! Yummmm.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


A week ago today I adopted bought {does it really matter?!} little Lou'e.

When we went I was a little overwhelmed. A dog is a huge responsibility. Especially a puppy. So when I went to see him I was a bit nervous and excited. When I saw him though I knew I wanted him. There was another pup there (who also got scooped up pretty quickly) but I knew that I wanted little Lou'e. Hiding behind his crate. Timid little eyes. Shy. He was perfection. And of course he looked like a Lou'e. :)
These little things are so precious and it is unbelievable how much joy these little ones bring to ur life and heart.
Simply seeing him get all excited and happy when he sees me is enough to send me over the edge. Kissing him incessantly. Of course there are many things I need to learn so my bestie bought me a book "Yorkies for Dummies"; which I am reading.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Here are some style hits from the CMA's that happened not too long ago. And of course, Carrie Underwood always looks flawless. I find Taylor Swift a bit too safe all the time.
I'll be posting all of Carrie's looks a little later on.
Keith Urban always looks pretty stylin'. Tim McGraw is pretty hot ~ yes, I had to say it. Hunter Hayes is such a cute. Kellie Pickler looks adorable. 
Black Shelton and Miranda Lambert? Cutest couple of life.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


My little baby.

This is on the car ride home. Me and my little Lou'. Every time I see him my heart picks up the pace a little. He is my angel! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So yes, I have disappeared for a little bit from the blogging world but for good reason! My Mom and Dad have come to visit from California and we always have so much fun when they come up to Canada. I always miss my family like crazy when they go back home though - or even when I visit my Sister and have to go back to my old little ghetto city. So it has been busy with them, baking, cooking, chillaxing and buying a puppy!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Some inspiring photo's on this lovely fried-egg Friday!

Courtesy: Sugar-Jar 
{I do not own these images ~ just sharing. :)}


I love Julie Benz, ever since I saw the 2nd Boondock Saints movie...okay, maybe the 2nd movie isn't nearly as amazing as the first Boondock Saints one but I don't care. I love them both just the same and am stoked that a 3rd one is supposedly coming out. I am patiently they all better hurry up! To get my fix of Norman Reedus, I will be starting to watch The Walking Dead...I mean, come on...Norman Reedus is pretty damn SEXY. Same goes for Sean Patrick Flannery but I am unsure what he is doing at the mo'...and I just loooove their Irish accents in the Boondock films too. Ugh.
Anyways - so she is in the second movie with them - lucky lady. I just loved her spunky and fiesty character. And really, she is just plain ol' gorgeous-glam and she has some serious style too.

Julie Benz is an American actress

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Congrats to Jessica Simpson! She is baaaangin!
Give the finger to all the hater's out there that thought she couldn't do it. 
She looks fantastic and happy!



This was the post from yesterday...but I couldn't very well post it because the day wasn't done! So here is question number 4...

Bullet Your Whole Day

Well, this isn't going to be terribly interesting compared to a weekend...but here goes nothing. 
Actually, I will bullet my day on Saturday as well as my day today. ;) Spice it up a bit, lol.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Just some random, inspiring photos for your MONday. ;) 
For more gorgeous random photo's like this head on over to Sugar-Jar.