Monday, January 31, 2011


Holy crap!
You guys totally have to try this next recipe that I am about to post.
I made it on Saturday night and it was amaaaazing! Ate it all in one day! It's a hit with everyone. Just make sure that you don't scarf down a bunch at one time {just snack throughout} because ONE CUP of these babies {this doesn't include the sugar} has close to 750 calories! That's nutso! Haha, nuts? Gettit. ;)
Anyways, I found this on the blog - their blog is amazing! I am totally and utterly addicted to it. This blog makes me uber happy. No joke. Make sure to check it out. Amazing tips on photography and blogging, recipes, gorgeous fonts and even more stunning photographs.
So this recipe is from their site and it's to die for! You must try it and let me know {as well as them!} what you think of it!

Candied Pecans!

2 egg whites
2 tbsp water
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
4 cups (16 oz) pecans

Preheat oven to 225.
In a large bowl, beat the egg whites and water. Add pecans and stir to coat.
Whisk together the sugar, salt & cinnamon, then pour over the pecans, stirring to coat.
Spread pecans on baking sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray {I actually threw them on parchment paper for less of a mess} and bake for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

And that is seriously it! That's all you have to do to make these seriously delicious pecans.
It's super fast and really easy and everyone will absolutely love them.
Give them a try and tell me what you guys think of them! :)

Lots of Love!



As all of you may already know, the SAG awards have come and gone, but the photo's are here for everyone's viewing pleasure. :)
I didn't personally watch the show, but I did catch some of the night's best dressed on
Here are some of the hits from last night's show.



In Order of Images:

1. Angie Harmon in Monique Lhuillier
2. Cara Buono J. Mendel & a Leiber clutch
3. Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton & Fred Leighton jewels w/ Hugh Dancy
4. Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush
5. Hilary Swank in Versace & VBH clutch
6. James Franco in Gucci
7. Jeremy Renner in Dolce & Gabbana
8. January Jones in Carolina Herrera & Jon Hamm in Calvin Klein Collection
9. Julie Bowen in Malandrino
10. Kim Kardashian in Marchesa & Lorraine Schwartz jewels
11. Kyra Sedgwick in vintage Thierry Mugler with Cartier jewels and Kilian by Kilian Hennessy clutch
12. Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta & Tiffany & Co. jewels
13. Mark Wahlberg in Giorgia Armani with Rhea Durham
14. Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci & Fred Leighton jewels
15. Rosario Dawson in J. Mendel with Salvatore Ferragamo clutch & Christian Louboutins
16. Winona Ryder in Alberta Ferretti & Gray jewels
17. Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen & Cartier Jewels
18. Natalie Portman in Azzaro, Tiffany & Co. jewels & Roger Vivier clutch
19. Sophia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli & Chopard Jewels


Lots of Love!

Friday, January 28, 2011


A little controversial Baldovino.

As you can tell by now, I am seriously obsessed with this photographer, and I am sure you have noticed a pattern of his exquisite and extraordinary photography that may very well leave you breathless.Seriously though, no joke, I hold my breath when I see his images and wonder what could possibly top the image that I just saw with the next.
This editorial is provocatively contentious yet formidably magnetic.
Here is the gorgeous yet regrettably famous Morgan Hurst by Baldovino Barani.
This girls career should have launched after these images that exude consumate tenacity and yet barbaric resplendance.



Lots of Love!
(Source: Baldovino Barani Official Website)


Adriana Lima for Vogue Brazil February 2011

Lots of Love!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have discovered something wonderful!
A few weekends ago I was perusing the Food Network channels television guide to see what was on that snowy Sunday and noticed a familiar fashionista face. I kinda did a "double-take", if you will, and thought I was imagining it but surely it was; the lovely Sophie Dahl.
Sophie Dahl was a glorious supermodel in her days that probably got a lot of attention for her fluctuating weight then her Vogue covers, although those gorgeous Vogue covers should be taken into account more then anything. Plump or not, Dahl is charismatic and mesmerizing.

The way she talks, eloquent dialogue, lovely soft English accent, her way with words. It's no wonder that she slightly changed in her career direction to writing novels that received skeptical but then high acclaim.
Alot of naive people will sit there and say she is a "spoiled little rich girl" riding on her Granddaddys coattails. Her one grandfather is the famous childrens author Roald Dahl and the other is famous actor Stephen Halloway.
I personally do not think that is true at all. When you watch Dahl; she looks genuinely unimpeachable. She is the kind of woman that I would love to be best friends with.
Her show "Delicious Miss Dahl" is every bit as rapturous as she is. The kitchen is gorgeous, the cooking is rustic and enticing, and no one, especially Sophie claims that she is a "chef" but the food looks simple and delicious.
The show is peppered with short stories of her life and experiences which make you relate to Dahl on a whole personal level. How many cooking shows have you seem that made you feel that way?
Not only is the food stunning to watch in the making but it doesn't hurt that Sophie is utterly gorgeous.

I recently purchased her "cookery" book "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights" and it's every bit as lovely as her show and herself.
The book, once again, intertwined with lovely stories that at one point make you wish it was a book entirely about her but there are the lovely photo's and salivating recipes that make you feel yearning for more. The background on Dahl and pining to be a fly on that wall in her kitchen.
The kitchen in her show isn't hers which doesn't matter much to me at all. The shows job is done as well as the book.
Rustic country goddess with a palate that anyone would envy.
Ah, I can see it now. A misty London morning, sitting outside in a willow shrouded backyard littered with homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetables, the smell of what's cooking in the kitchen wafting in the air, a good friend (Sophie) sitting across from you drinking England's finest tea in fine colorful china, discussing what to get at the local market and planning the evenings festivities and dinner.
It feels like you'd be living in a fairytale. And that's what every life should be. Don't concern yourself with calories and counting grams of fat but the joy of food and how fabulous our lives are to have the ability go try everything under the sun to our satisfaction.
I definitely recommend this book.
Not only for the wonderful recipes but for just the sheer inspiration that Dahl provides.
Food, colour, lifestyle, an affinity to all things beautiful and delightful.
Everyone should live this way. In constant happiness and constant awe of all the worlds beautiful little surprises. Even if it's as small as baking salmon in an oven with gorgeously aromatic Rosemary and watching the array of colours it may change while anxiously anticipating that first morsel of heaven on your palate.
Get the book. You won't regret it. ;)


(Source: Google Images, YouTube & Amazon)


This is a gorgeous editorial featuring the lovely Michelle McCallum for Grazia Italia; here she is photographed by Zoltan Tombor.
I am not gunna lie, I love country and I love country music. I never did until I met my current bf. He listened to it quite a bit {although he is hardly a country bumpkin} and I used to make fun of him frequently on our first few dates.
But when you're falling in love and you live away from one another and it's all so new and raw you hold onto anything that could quite possibly remind you of the person that you daydream of. So here is when my love for country music began.
When he would drop me off at home and go to his own I would put on the country music station and think of him and wait for his text messages or phone call. The first song that I heard when I turned on that radio was Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend".
That will always remind me of my bf. But "our" song is by Dierk's Bentley ~ "Long Trip Alone". This song epitomizes our feelings for eachother and when we hear it, we immediately think of all our years together.
Now when I listen to it, it still reminds me of him & our time together the past few years {over 3 years to be exact}.
I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, I love everything from rock to rap, pop to lounge, classic to country.
But when it comes to country, I love em all. Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Brad Paisley, Dierk's Bently, Rascal Flats, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and the list could go on.
This editorial reminds me of the quintessential country girl.
And the clothes aren't half bad. ;)


(Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Monday, January 24, 2011


I looooove online shopping.
Well, I love shopping in general.
But online shopping is uber convenient, you don't have to shower, get dressed, put on make-up, drive all the way to the mall or wherever and fight the crowds.
All you have to do, is wake your pretty little head up, grab your laptop and your credit card and click away.
So easy.
Maybe a bit too easy. Lol.
Soooo, the other day I perused the Forever21 website and splurged a little bit on many different earrings and some other baubles.
I am now waiting for their arrival and am very excited to start sporting them!

Here are the things that Mr. Visa (aka. my boyfriend - hahaha!) purchased. ;)


In order of image {all items from Forever21}:
1. Antique Chain Earrings ~ $5.80 USD
2. Braided Head Wrap ~ $3.80 USD
3. Chain Mail Panel Earrings ~ $7.80 USD
4. Chic Chandalier Earrings ~ $5.80 USD
5. Dangling Jeweled Earrings ~ $6.80 USD
6. Elegant Line Earrings ~ $4.80 USD
7. Ethnic Chandelier Earrings ~ $6.80 USD
8. Ethnic Chandelier Earrings ~ $5.80 USD
9. F5032R Glasses ~ $5.80 USD
10. Intricate Dangle Earrings ~ $6.80 USD
11. Lace Mesh Fashion Tights ~ $5.80 USD
12. Native Princess Necklace ~ $7.80 USD
13. Oversized Organic Bracelet ~ $4.80 USD
14. Peacock Polished Earrings ~ $5.80 USD
15. Rhinestone Anchor Necklace ~ $4.80 USD
16. Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings ~ $10.80 USD
17. Roller Girl Knee High Socks ~ $2.80 USD
18. Rosette Accent Drop Earrings ~ $6.80 USD
19. Spoke Jewelry Stand ~ $14.80 USD

Lots of Love!