Sunday, January 02, 2011


As I have mentioned before, my boyfriend and I have been going crazy with painting and adding our own little touches to our place to make it alot more homey.
We recently just finished {today} the entrance/hallway to our place and the next place to tackle is the bathroom. It gets difficult having to pick paint or the bathroom fixtures since the possiblities are seriously endless. My bf suggested I google some bathrooms online and see what they look like...well, let me tell you, these bathrooms definitely don't look anything like mine and I may just have to dump about 10 grand or something in order for mine to look remotely like the images that I found. But holy crapola, these bathrooms are incredible. And I would absolutely adore having a bathroom like this. I think I would throw my duvet and pillow in there and just sleep in the tub. Haha. Seriously.
Don't tell me that the following isn't something that is absolutely fabulous and extravagant.







(Source: Google Images)


  1. I will have to remodel all of my bathrooms again :)

  2. Hahaha. Sorry!
    Your bathrooms are gorgeous as they are. ;)

  3. seriously, incredible.. gorg! :)