Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am so very sad...or should I say devestated? Well, I am not crying so I guess it's not that big of a deal but I am a bit lost.
For the past year I have been perusing old files on my old computer of fashion images that I had saved when I was younger and other websites online and saved them all onto my little trusty 8gb USB key.
Everything was organized by day & month and there were a tonne of runway photo's that I had planned on sharing with all of you. Not to mention alot of blog articles that I had written but still needed to tweak a bit before posting.
Alas, here comes the sad USB key died.
I have no idea what happened. It worked fine yesterday and then I plugged it in today to post and my laptop didn't recognize it, I thought that it was quite possible that it was the computer so I went to my desktop. Same thing.
I took a closer look at my key and somehow it is bent.
So everything is lost.
All that hard work is gonezo.
I guess I have to stay positive and think it's a New Year and I should start fresh, and yet all my little pictures that were gorgeous and I adored have disappeared...just like that, POOF! Thin air. It's all gone.
Luckily I have some images on an external harddrive but not much.
Just thought that I would share this with you. You know how you feel angry and sad when you write a long post and your computer freezes and it disappears?
Well, this is how I feel, but instead it's a years {or rather many years} worth of work.
Need a little faerie dust to help me on my way.



  1. Oh no! You have such incredible photos!! This one looks great!!

  2. Thankyou for your lovely comment :)
    Stunning blog!

    Such a shame about your USB, I'd go to some one professional if I were you, they'll be able to probably get everything back and back everything up for you somewhere! :) And gorgeous photo!

    Follow me I'll follow you :)

  3. Following you...if you already have/haven't hope you follow back :)



    Thank you for posting on my blog! I am glad you like it!

    I am a follower of yours now!