Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A lovely birthday evening with the best boyfriend in the world. :D
I am cooking away his favorite pasta that my Mom makes - pasta Amatriciana {I believe that's what it's called, lol.}.
So I am cooking the sauce away while having a glass of red {he is having white} and watching the Home and Garden channel. ;) {Don't worry, it totally won't replace the Food Network}.
Wanna say thanks to one of my followers ~ Kevin ~ who is also a best buddy of mine for helping me prep for my bf's bday evening. :)
He is a trooper when it comes to shopping with me and listen to me complain on a constant basis and he's an amazing guy!
{Gotta find him a lady!}
I just want to say hello and welcome and thank you to all the new blog followers - who I am definitely following back as well. And all the new comments. I love them. :) Makes me uber happy. Lol.
I got two new magazine today {new magazine day here in Ontario} and I picked up the new Flare Canada and the new Martha Stewart Everyday Food mini mag that has a billion new & tastey recipes that are light and healthy. I love this magazine.
On the cover of Flare {the cover is gorgeous this month} is the lovely and gorgeous Nina Dobrev...I have no idea who she is, but she is stunning.
But I will definitely be sharing some yummy recipes in the next few days and some articles, some on health and fitness as well. :)



  1. unbelievable styling in these gorgeous photos.<3

  2. That's one of my favorite Natalia's Vogue editorial :) Sweet reminiscent.

  3. lovely blog :)

    maybe you want to follow me
    & please take a part in my latest post <3


  4. Yes, Natalia looks gorgeous. I especially love the Lacroix shot. :)

    Thanks for commenting!