Friday, January 14, 2011


I haven't done this one in a while ~ I know that the first one I did featured the ever lovely Hilary Duff and her great sense of style. Now I am going to share another one with one of my most favorite and most fabulous lady in Hollywood.
Jessica Simpson.
Now...for whatever reason, when her name comes up people feel sorry for her. I ask myself why? Why would anyone possibly feel sorry for her? She is successful; not to mention gorgeous. But alot of people bring up the fact that she hasn't had much success with her love life {which technically isn't any of our business} and apparently her weight.
I personally do not think there is a damn thing wrong with this woman's weight.
She is, to simply put it, beyond beautiful.
She is bubbly, always has a gorgeous smile on her face and is completely put together at all times. She is the quintessential girly-girl and the utmost southern beauty.
You don't see her leaving bars completely inebriated, stumbling all over the place or flashing her woohoo while getting out of cars. She is classy, dainty, refined, amiable and beleive it or not, she is smart as much as some people like to object and say that she is "stupid".
If this girl were "stupid" then she wouldn't be where she is today.
And that is famous, widely recognizable, a role model and an icon.
Everyone knows Jessica Simpson...and you can't help but love the woman.
I also think that she has a great sense of style. She wears clothes that flatter her figure {okay, sometimes some of us do make mistakes} and know's her stuff or else she wouldn't have her own clothing/shoe/eyeglasses/perfume/etc. line.
Simpson is a powerhouse.
One that I absolutely adore and always will.

What do you guys think of Ms. Simpson?




Ps. RIP to her little baby Daisy that is pictured in 2 of the images who was taken away by a coyote. :(


(Sources: Jessica Simpson Fansites)


  1. I never knew about her dog! That is so, so sad!! Love her hair x

  2. I know. It really must have been devestating. :(
    But her hair is definitely amazing!

  3. yes of course we can follow one another. :)

  4. lust lust lusting so many of these pics of her! Great blog- now following you!

  5. I think she's gorgeous! The story of her dog is so sad :(


  6. she definately has some killer outfits!
    lovely blog, im following now:)

  7. She looks great!


  8. i love jessica!! plus her hair stylist ken paves is amazing!!

  9. great post. yeah unfortunately her reputation is that she's stupid because of the reality shows she's been in, the media portraying it with countless articles and also with bad roles like in dukes of hazzard. i'm not a fan but i can totally understand how you like her.

    F. ( x

  10. Great post, like many of her look :-)

  11. naww thats so sad. ):