Saturday, January 15, 2011


I never was a huge fan of Michelle Williams to be honest.
I just thought that alot of the time she blended into the background especially on that show...what was it called...Dawson's Creek?
I didn't like her hair or her style; she just did not stand out for me.
But things change, people grow, styles progress and now I find Michelle to be above and beyond what she used to be. Especially when her roles stretched out into fantastic movies such as Shutter Island - where she did a fantstic job at being a psycho Mom. Lol.
When she chopped off her hair I fell in love with her more, I think the look suits her and now she has a style of her own and she is just admirable in the fact that she is now a single-mom {I know her and Heath split before his death but now her daughter doesn't have a father figure in her life anymore and Ms. Williams has to fill that void}.
She handles and presents herself strongly, unconstrained and rapturous.
I love this next editorial of her featured in the new Marie Claire US edition - February 2011 shot by Tesh.
She looks etheral, finespun and very  happy.




  1. Awww I love Michelle Williams! These photos are gorgeous! Check her out in Blue Valentine, she is amazing.

  2. I will definitely check the movie out. :)
    She definitely looks awesome in this spread for MC. :)


  3. I totally agreed with you, she has found her style and it's fabulous!

    Love your blog, I follow you! ;)