Thursday, November 26, 2015


One day...

Black Friday is coming up! 
Do you guys actually shop on Black Friday? I never have...and I won't be tomorrow as I'm broke as a joke!'s 
Murphy's Law, eh? You have a bit of money, you can't find don't have money? You want the entire world! 
I have got a long list for Santa this year {of course, nothing can really top the Vitamix from last year, seriously!} such
as books, boxing gloves, clothes {gym ones too!}, some things for the pups {an awesome HOWLiday gift idea post coming up in the next few days too!} and much, much more. What's on your guys' wishlist for the year? 
I know that I gotta take those pennies and spend on some kidlets for thie Christmas. I would have loved to get Travis' nieces and nephew a BUNNY for Christmas, but not sure if his Sister {my shopping partner-in-crime} Lori would appreciate that. LOL. So the hunt continues! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I must admit that after eating pretty healthy for the last 3 months I have fallen off the wagon. 
I blame my Mom!! LOL!
My family came to visit in October - first for Thanksgiving and just because and then extended their stay because of a very unfortunate passing that happend in our family.
But, I am grateful that I was able to bother my parents incessantly for another week. Honestly, when my Mom is down it's as if I'm a kid all over again. 
I am usually on the go 95% of the time - taking care of the majority of household chores, bills, the pups, my man and myself as well...not to mention working full time and school as well (which I must finish by the end of the year!).
So I'm usually not sitting until around 8 or 9 in the gets tiring...but you get into the swing of things and it becomes routine. 
But when my Mom was here...did I just milk it! Lol! I was the biggest lazy bum EVER and I hope my Mom doesn't think I'm this incredible sloth. 
But honestly, I needed it! I loved being able to come home and just sit on the couch, play video games and be a kid again! That's exactly how it felt. I think everyone needs that from time to time. 
When I took vacation back in July it didn't feel like vacation - and even though during my parents stay I was going to work everyday it felt MORE of a vacation then anything. 
The biggest thing I was spoiled with was the food. My Mom's incredible cooking! And despite pigging out on everything that she made, I still managed to lose a good 5lbs in two weeks. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


If you know me well, you know that once I get really passionate about something, I tend to go all out. 
It really could be anything - from my all time favorite: my vitamix
Now it's turned to fitness...and every so slowly (or quickly!) has it veered towards the world of mixed marital arts and boxing. 

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


I can't seem to cut loose of this blog.
I tried to go a different route with Live Well with Miss G....but I've worked so hard on this one since 2012 that I can't seem to cut loose. 

When I sit there and try to figure out things to blog about on Live Well I just can't seem to get inspired enough to type ANYTHING. I begin...and then second guess everything it is that I write. I know I shouldn't, because it's MY blog...but I just feel like the Darling blog is more's like sitting on a box window with a large quilted blanket and a warm cup of tea and just reading some random ramblings for the sheer fun of it while it's raining or snowing outside...
I feel more inspired when I come here...probably because I have such a history with it. 
And as much as I like the new blog...the look of it in particular...I just can't launch off the ground with it like I wanted to...and Darling has some deep roots that I can't shake.

Therefore, I am back at the Darling...maybe I'll change the new of this blog...but for now...I am going to putter away here and then maybe figure something out for Live Well down the line. I love the name of it...I love both names...but I feel more comfy and cozy here with you guys. 
I always used to love blogging...and go through old posts...and even though a lot of edits are gone...we will still do a bit of fashion...more food...and a LOT of random ramblings. 
There will be book lists...and wish lists...and "inspiration" posts...there will be reviews and such as well. Basically, everythign that I did before...that I haven't done in a long while. 

Time to get back it. And get inspired.