Saturday, March 28, 2015


What a joke. 
I was going to surprise everyone...and move this blog to my very own domain! I was super excited...I got everything ready....but was disappointed when there was an upfront fee of $150...that and I needed to get a theme for my actual blog..which ended up costing me more. 
I tried to set everything up...and my wordpress was incredibly slow...I was becoming increasingly frustrated and upset! Nothing was working! I installed my theme...but then it wouldn't cooperate! None of my pictures looked sloppy....
I gave up. 

I contacted the domain...and am patiently awaiting a bunch of forms to cancel everything...unfortunately there will be some funds that won't be refundable...which sucks...because I saved up the last of my Christmas money to do this. out of that money now. 
I should have done more homework...
Or maybe...I should have thought to myself a bit more, why mess with a good thing? And who am I kidding...I have enough on my plate right now than to sit and design an entirely new website. 

I will work with what I got....and hone in on it. 

Just super disappointed...
On top of that. I cancelled my extra space on here...because I really thought it would all work out. So need to figure out how to get that extra space back in order to continue my blog. As there isn't enough space now as is...and each post tends to eat up my MBs. 

On top of it all. I am not feeling well. So this is just not my day. 

But I did decide to share this with you because I needed to just vent!

Anyways...Happy Saturday. 
Hope everyone is having a better start to their weekend than I am! 


Sunday, March 08, 2015


Just wanted to check in and say hi! :) 
The weekend is going well, but it's going to fast!! Why can't it slow down!? 
Today I am going to be tidying up as well as making a delicious slow cooker chicken. 
I got my hair done yesterday, thanks to my friend Keverino! It honestly feels so great to finally have my grays GONE {for now, anyway, lol}. And before my birthday I am going to have my Sister cut my hair into something fabulous. I need to peruse some hair magazines. I want something totally different. I've had one length of hair for such a long time! Maybe a bob? Or a lob? Or...a perm? Nah...
But we will figure it out! :) 

Friday, March 06, 2015


The best combo EVER. Bath tub and books?! COME ON!!! *dream*room*
My first wishlist of 2015! 
It's been a while since I got my desperately grasping hands on some new books - or looked on the Amazon site for that matter. The last couple of months have been undoubtedly chaotic. Between Christmas, losing work, starting a new job, trying to get school under control and preparing to study for my driver's would think I'd have absolutely no time to read. But I do. Because I just I love it and cant imagine life without reading or books. It's actually one of the things that calms me at the end of a hectic day, my form of stress relief. 
Or it's the perfect way to spend a Sunday; on the couch, under toasty wool blankets, reading an engrossing book with some delicious tea, or a latte, a treat and the pups and Travis there. Bliss!

Before I go on with my book wish list I wanted to share that Trav and I are currently looking into renting a bigger 'home'. I say home in quotations because we live in an apartment right now. It's a gorgeous apartment but it would be great to have a home to rent with a backyard and garage or a townhome would work as well. We did fall in love with one back in January - but they were all sold out. :( We are still being very picky with what we are going to view these days and of course the price has to be good as well.
I also am coveting a new couch...this will require time to save up money to get, but I am just not feeling the leather couch and would love a nice big comfy material one. Saw a bunch on sale at the Brick - this will be added to my 'vision board' of the perfect living room. Where you live should be incredibly comfortable, serene and feel like HOME. 
Not to mention some good bookshelves are on that home wishlist as well. The ones we currently own are not that great {a tad cheap from Ikea} and the shelves themselves are slowly beginning to bend. 
I would ideally love one that had doors on them, so you couldn't necessarily see all the books, should you have company over and whatnot. 

All these plans. 

Anyways! Back to the point of this post! BOOKS!
As you know I share some of the latest and well-received books out or ones that I just seen through a magazine or online or through a friend and would love to read. 
These prices are from Amazon.Ca - you could get these books anywhere but I feel like Amazon has the best prices. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Well wowwweee!! 
I am not even going to explain. Lol. 
Except that I have a new job and life is *chaos*. 
So I try and write (handwrite or on my phone in between breaks and such) blog posts to share. Here is a little something I wrote a week or two ago that I wanna share. :) 


Only SOME of my scarves on the left there hanging on the back of my door. Ones I wear regularly. The scarves on the right are non-negotiable. Most of which my Mom knitted and am obsessed with. Chunky infinity scarves. Love them. Get compliments on them all the time...she should start an Etsy shop.....

This is nowhere near the amount of jewelry that I actually own. This is probably....1/10th. Been collecting since I was 16 probably.


There was a thought that struck me the other night as I voraciously perused a website titled's a website...not sure where it's based out of. China? I know that a lot of the products come from there and shipping can take upwards of 1 month - then again, what doesn't come from China? 
I was furiously adding things into my assemblage of stud earrings, some chandelier ones, a couple rings and a galaxy of necklaces. I think I was able to finally narrow it down to about 26 items for a total of $70.