Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Well wowwweee!! 
I am not even going to explain. Lol. 
Except that I have a new job and life is *chaos*. 
So I try and write (handwrite or on my phone in between breaks and such) blog posts to share. Here is a little something I wrote a week or two ago that I wanna share. :) 


Only SOME of my scarves on the left there hanging on the back of my door. Ones I wear regularly. The scarves on the right are non-negotiable. Most of which my Mom knitted and am obsessed with. Chunky infinity scarves. Love them. Get compliments on them all the time...she should start an Etsy shop.....

This is nowhere near the amount of jewelry that I actually own. This is probably....1/10th. Been collecting since I was 16 probably.


There was a thought that struck me the other night as I voraciously perused a website titled's a website...not sure where it's based out of. China? I know that a lot of the products come from there and shipping can take upwards of 1 month - then again, what doesn't come from China? 
I was furiously adding things into my assemblage of stud earrings, some chandelier ones, a couple rings and a galaxy of necklaces. I think I was able to finally narrow it down to about 26 items for a total of $70. 

But then I sort of stopped. Not because there wasn't enough on my VISA (LOL) but because when sharing my tenacious online shopping tendencies to my Mom she said 'you have enough of that stuff'...maybe she didn't use the word stuff...maybe it was more along the lines of 'crap' got me thinking. 
Sure, I have A LOT of jewelry...A LOT. But it's a weakness...just like her weakness is shoes and my Sister's weakness is designer-everything. There are people out there that will spend $500 on a gorgeous designer watch or purse...and then there are others that either hoard their money (which I tend to do, don't ask me why) but to what end? 
When I get money for my Birthday or Christmas, I do tend to bury it away. But all it ends up doing is accumulating, which is good, but I will end up putting it towards some bill. Which isn't right, why won't I treat myself? 
And on the other hand, if I do spend it, then it's usually on things like 26 pieces of jewelry from AliExpress. Or on an $80 scarf...and I have a tun of scarves! I am trying to begin to minimize. For example, I used to own at least 30 purses. But I have donated most of them or given them to friends and only plan on keeping a select few, good quality...that's what it is, isn't it? 
Quantity vs quality? Or is it the other way around? 
There are a couple people that come over to my place and say that I have too many knick knacks...I beg to differ. I USED to have a lot of knick knacks. There is something sentimental about certain things though. I feel like I am throwing a piece of life away...I know that isn't the case. Therefore the last few months I have really been cleaning out my humble abode, donating and trying to minimize. 
I still have a lot, but baby steps, ok!? Or I think what I should start doing instead is whenever I buy something, I have to throw something out...or give it away. 
There are times where I go through things and see a box of..let's say stickers {completely random I know}...never touched them in a few years...but I feel like in the future I might. 
I guess I just like to buy! Who doesn't love to shop! If you're having a subpar day and you treat yourself to something new or the latest and greatest, you do feel first class!
But I know I need to rein it in if ever we went a house, or to move out of the country, or to travel...or have money when we retire. Lol...who thinks that far ahead? :P 
I'm not a 'big spender' by any means...but I am now wondering if quality really is better than quantity. In some respects, it might be. But at the same time, you'll just keep buying more of the same in the future constantly. I guess some of us always want more, moooore, MORE! 
It's something I need to be mindful of in the future. I don't need fifty pairs of shoes. I don't need hundreds of necklaces, 20 candles, 80 different kind of lotions, lip gloss out the wazoo, too many purses to know what to do with....
So this weekend, my plan...and my plan in the future starting now as well, is to really start divvying things up. Start to donate more. I need to let go. I don't need all these things when there are others, even ones less fortunate, that could use it a hell of a lot more then I can. 
My drawer full of 18 pashmina's could keep someone warm, no? 
My books that I've read years and years ago and are collecting dust could entertain someone that can't afford books or a library card. 
All that jewelry can be given away, or even as a gift. 
I think it's important for all of us to not take what we have for granted, to try and not be materialistic and always looking for more because it doesn't make us happy. vow is to try and start living a more minimalistic life and to look outside of those things to find happiness. My wallet will fatten up for it, and I think spiritually I will be thankful for it as well. 

So what, might you ask, will I do about that cart of 26 items on AliExpress? I will minimize it...and I will also go through my jewelry this weekend and donate the ones I no longer wear. Quid pro quo. 

So tell me, are you a hoarder? Or a minimalist? 
Do you prefer quantity over quality or vice versa? What are YOUR weaknesses when it comes to shopping? 
Share in the comments below. :)


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