Friday, November 09, 2012


Okay, so...I have had the most weirdest headaches the past 2 days, so very random...hope they go away...poor Travi is also sick! He woke up {outta nowhere!} with a full blown cold!! Poor guy. He works hard and he needs a rest. I hope that he has a wonderful weekend this weekend because the last few haven't been great and we have been so busy. 
Tomorrow it's supposed to rain in Toronto so maybe it'll be a lazy one filled with studying, movie watching, vegging out and blogging. :)
Here is a photo of the day and I am thinking of doing a "30 day challenge" of sorts...which is usually done on Tumblr but decided to do it on my blog. Which by the way, I have a Tumblr account so if you haven't already check it out than go to Sugar-Jar. Lots of gorgeous and inspirational photos. :)

Rosie Tupper for MARCS Spring 2011 Essentials Campaign.

What ridiculously fantastic hair...
I just love the whole jeans and tshirt thing too. So effortlessly chic. 
So here is the little jpeg I found on a jump drive with the 30 day challenge..who knows if I am going to follow through with it {remember my Gemini post? lol} but I thought WTH I'll give it a shot!
I designed it in Illustrator too for fun. :) So...let's start with number one then!

1. Five Ways To Win Your Heart
Hmm...I am pretty easy...wait! No! My gawd, not like that!! I mean, I can be a romantic one day and a total nonchalant tomboy the doesn't really matter what you do. You don't have to wine and dine me, just as long as you're sweet and can make me laugh! Let's see the five ways that Travis won my heart.
Numero Uno.
Be attentive! Care about what I do! Travis was very attentive when we first started dating...he listened to everything I said, he asked me how my day was and was genuinely interested, and still is! That is important...because if he doesn't ask you how your day was or what new things are going on with you, you can probably bet that he isn't too interested in you if he isn't even interested in your day-to-day life! 
Numero Deux.
He sent random text messages throughout the day. 
I love getting the most random of texts asking how my day is going or what sort of things we will be doing after work or on the weekend. It shows that he cares...that he wants to spend time with you. 
Numero Treeee.
I am not huge into the flowers and chocolate thing on a regular basis, but come on, us girls want little surprises here and there out of the blue. So it is super sweet when I get things like flowers when I am not feeling well or a hand-made birthday card. That is by far my most favourite thing from Trav. A birthday card he made at work. :P
Numero Quattro.
Being there, even when I am at my worst...I have some anxiety issues and I can seriously hide away for days at a time. I 'retreat' into my shell much like a turtle :)...and there are times where I am just plain old quiet and contemplative...sometimes the anxiety gets the best of me...and it isn't fair to the relationship, I know...but Travis has always been there my best and worst and he has never let go. That's a keeper. 
Numero Cinque.
Stand up for me. 
If you stand up for me, I know you care. I know you have my back and that is the most important thing in a relationship. If you don't have eachother's backs than what is the point? So when Travis stands up for me, that is the sweetest thing ever. 

I guess those are the five things that win me over...also...humour is a big one. I need funnies throughout my that is important. Take me out! I am a Gemini, so even a random drive through the country makes me happy beyond anything...
Okay...five...not 6 or 8 or there is my question of the day answered. Day 1 of 30! Maybe I will cheat and do two or three at a time. ;)
But no one wants to read this much so I shall shaaaddup!


Things to look forward to today and this weekend...

Finally!! I will be posting reviews of my books and the Kate Moss book! GAHH! I LOOOVE IT. 
More Editorials and Recipes!! 
And maybe will share some more personal things and pics. ;)



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