Thursday, November 08, 2012


I am a Gemini. 

I am indecisive as all hell. Seriously.

Growing up I had a million and one different hobbies and a lot of them I didn't finish because I got bored and moved on to the next thing. Kinda sad. So when I finish, legit, start to finish, then I am proud as all hell of myself.

It could really have been anything, I started I don't even know how many "books", began jewellery or painting "businesses" and such...then just one day I decided instead I was going to bake and sell Talk about all over the map. 
Growing up and thinking about careers as well was a lot like that...listen to this list...
Criminal Psychologist.
Storm Chaser. 
Fashion Designer.

Yea, seriously, that last was a year long obsession; joining the army. I was OBSESSED. I watched Saving Private Ryan, GI Jane, Thin Red Line, you name it, I was all over war movies and learning about World War I and World War II...a little morbid, maybe...but it excited me, to be super kick-ass like all those people serving our country are today. It is admirable, hard work...
But...obviously that wasn't in the cards for me, lol. And I am seriously a bit of a sissy.
But my love for the army/navy will always be there.
Anyways, this is a sort of segue into my next editorial. 
But before that...I am just the type of person that wants to help people...and I believe I really found what I want to do...that's why I took holistic nutrition, I am passionate about food more than anything...and it is pretty remarkable and quite incredible what you can learn about what you eat and how it ties directly with preventive medicine. 
Because at the end of the day, we want to live long, healthy and happy lives. 
Just a bit of random rambling to start your Wednesday here with me. :)
What did you guys want to be when growing up??


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