Friday, November 16, 2012


I love Julie Benz, ever since I saw the 2nd Boondock Saints movie...okay, maybe the 2nd movie isn't nearly as amazing as the first Boondock Saints one but I don't care. I love them both just the same and am stoked that a 3rd one is supposedly coming out. I am patiently they all better hurry up! To get my fix of Norman Reedus, I will be starting to watch The Walking Dead...I mean, come on...Norman Reedus is pretty damn SEXY. Same goes for Sean Patrick Flannery but I am unsure what he is doing at the mo'...and I just loooove their Irish accents in the Boondock films too. Ugh.
Anyways - so she is in the second movie with them - lucky lady. I just loved her spunky and fiesty character. And really, she is just plain ol' gorgeous-glam and she has some serious style too.

Julie Benz is an American actress

that has played characters on hit tv shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dexter, Roswell, Desperate Housewives, etc, etc, etc. She has also been in films such as Jawbreaker {remember the ditzy blonde in that?}, The Brothers, Punisher: War Zone, etc. She isn't the most famous actress on the planet, but I just love how she lights up the screen.

The 40-year-old {she does not look 40} Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native is 5'4" {her on screen presence makes you think she is 5'10" or something} and roughly 118lbs {decided to share that with ya, since a lot of people like to know these little useless facts about celebs}. 
Benz stays in shape by lifting weights and knows that if you hit the iron you aren't going to bulk up like a man; “There’s this misconception that if you involve lifting heavy weights in your fitness exercise program, you’re going to bulk up. As a woman, I can attest that you don’t bulk up – you actually trim down with this kind of fitness exercise program.” Benz says.
She also stays in shape by doing pole dancing, which is acknowledged now as an intense fitness routine - which come on, it need massive upper body strength there. 
Benz has also given insight into what she eats on a daily basis. For breakfast, she usually has a huge meal before starting filming at 4am. Her day kinda looks like this; breakfast is coffee, Fibre One cereal with yogurt and then later an egg and veggie burrito with fruit. Lunch typically is tuna fish with brown rice, avocado with a squeeze of lemon, cooked broccoli and water with lemon. Snacks are fruit and nut almond bars along with fruits. Dinner is usually chicken with salad and a glass of Pino Grigio as a light 'dessert' and a cup of chocolate chip mint tea. 
I wouldn't give up my nightly night-cap of delicious merlot so I hear what Julie Benz is sayin'!
Sounds like a pretty good balanced meal, and with a body like hers at 40; well you know she is doing something right.




{Source: Images from Zimbio / Info from Softpedia}


  1. She is SO gorgeous and has such great style!!! Super in shape too! Lovely post, doll!


  2. I love her from Dexter and Desperate Hw!I like the diet she suggests :-) thanks for sharing miss G!kisses Coco

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