Friday, November 02, 2012


What does home mean to you? 
For me, home is where the heart is...home is where my family is. When I say that I am going home, that means I am actually going home, meaning California! That is where my Ma and Pa are...where half way across the world I can go and feel my most comfortable. Like it is my own 
I am ready to have my own home though...where my parents and Sister can come and visit and feel the same way. So I am excited to say that Trav and I will be looking for a house in the next little while ~ not sure when exactly but it is in our future! Lol. hard. I don't even know where to we want a condo? Town house? House? And where? Currently where I live? Next major city? Next mini city? In the country?
 I mean, there are so many different options out there now.
To begin a new chapter in our lives. Gah! It will be so exciting to have our own place, decorate, pick our own appliances...hardwood floors? Well? Why not?? Carpet? Maybe? Kitchen island? Of course! Haha. The possibilities are endless! 
So, the plan is to have a bit of cashola for a down payment within a year...but there are still a lot of decisions that need to be made before then. 
I really could live anywhere though...Oakville...Toronto...Montreal...California!!! Gawd..California, it is sooo cheap there right now, so why not?! Lol. I could pack all my friends in my suitcase and take them along with me {Tricia, I am bringing you! Haha!}. But buying a house must be uber fun...and very scary too!!

What about you guys? Have you bought a home yet? Was it scary? Exciting? Nerve-wracking? I see a lot of anxiety in the near gawd, I am soooo picky when I got my iPhone 5...imagine a freakin' house!!! Hahaha. 
So tell all of us, how was your experience with purchasing your first house?? 



  1. Buying a house is a big decision but it was the best decision me and Alex made 12yrs ago, start early to owned it early. I'm excited to see little Sandra running around the house lol!!! Happy house hunting 🏡!!!

  2. Hubby and I just bought our first home in Southern California. Given the areas market, everything was either a short sale or foreclosure so this made for an insanely stressful experience. Finding a home that didn't already have multiple full price offers seemed impossible and getting financed was insane. I seriously thought they were going ask for our first born! 8 months later we are finally in our home and it was worth all the stress. There is nothing like having the pride of ownership and a place you can do ANYTHING you want to! Good luck in your journey. Can't wait to see where you end up!

  3. Hahah, oh Tricia. Lol. Thanks. :) And I will be asking your opinion for sure!!

    Kristen - congratulations on purchasing your first new home! You make me want to go out there and get a house even more! I can only imagine the pride you must feel of owning a house - it's all YOURS. You can do as you choose with it. I am worried about the added stress though but nothing that my boyfriend and I can't get through together.
    I will definitely keep everyone posted as to what happens and where I end up! :)