Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I am seriously loving my iPhone 5 camera ~ it is the shizz, for serious. I am a serious Apple product lover now...I used to be all PC, now I've gone back.
I have a boatload of photo apps on my phone as I love to play around with my pics. I realize though I need to take more! I don't have that much. 
How many photos do you guys have on your phones/camera's/computers/photo albums?? 

Here are a few things in my day to day life that I took the past couple of months. 
I may have posted some of these photo's in the past, forgive me if I did, I figure with all the new followers I should throw them up again. :) 

 My lovely books...just one huge tupperware {yea, that's what I call them} container believe it or not. They come in an array of colours, heels and hardware. :) 

 How I like to spend my Saturday mornings. 

 I have a serious addition to jewellry and an even bigger collection of them. I love it. This is a find that my frienderino got me a few weeks ago. I love it. My little spectacle. *Back off Tricia!! Lol.*

 How my boyfriend and I spent one chilly Fall Friday night. Some smell good candles and warmed up apples and cinnamon cider. :)

 I have a serious makeup addiction. I should write a few reviews...but that baby lips lip chap from Maybelline is amazeballs. 

Ahhh work, I love it. And I love having my Starbucks right by my side during it! <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

There you have it. 
Just a tiny bit of insight. ;) 
I ramble on more than anything but should share more pics when I can!
Tomorrow is Wednesday! So happy early hump day!



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