Monday, November 12, 2012


So the weekend went by so fast, too fast.
I love my weekends and my poor Trav was sick as a dog for the entire thing. I did drag him out to a few stores on Saturday {he needed a few things anyways}, yesterday was total laziness and A LOT of studying that I got done, so I am happy about that. 
I know I said I was going to blog and I didn't do a heck of a lot of that, don't hate me! I will do more today. I also have my blog posts timed to post randomly throughout the day. So I write most of them in the mornings or in the evenings and set them to post during the day when I am at work. Nifty idea there blogger. 
Anyways...30 day challenge! Question 3! I will try to not make this as long winded as the last couple were. Lol. And I know I am behind, so will post four at some point with some more editorials.

A Book You Love

I am in love with all things fantasy, medieval, faeries, myths, legends and such. So it is no surprise that some of my favorite books have everything to do with these things. When I was in grade 7/8 I picked out a book from the school library by OR Melling called "The Hunters Moon" which I immediately fell in love with when I began reading. About a Canadian girl that goes on an adventure with her Irish cousin in Ireland. And you got all the faeries and elves sprinkled throughout the story for good measure. Melling has since come out with a bunch of other books that all can be found in the book "The Golden Book of Faerie". I just love her detailed some of her chapters were and how gorgeous it all is. Even though these books are for "Young Adults" I will still love these books forever. :)
It just brings me back to those gorgeously rainy days in my room back at home with Enya or Enigma playing in the background and reading these books. By far, my favorite. :)

There, that wasn't too long. Lol. 


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