Sunday, November 11, 2012


Happy Weekend! Gah, I love weekends...especially rainy ones but tomorrow it is supposed to be a rather gorgeous day so I am looking forward to that as well. Poor Travis is still sick and only seems to be getting worse. I hope he starts feeling better. 
I have lots of posts coming up for you guys so make sure to stick around, check them out and comment. 
And I am also going to share my answer to question number TWO from the "30 Day Challenge"...
Right after I begin to dye my hair...this is going to be a process in itself...
Shoot..I have no gloves to do this either. :/

Question Two 
Something You Feel Strongly About.

There are a few things that I feel strongly about. One is animal cruelty. I hate it. But then again, who doesn't. It infuriates me when I see animals that have come to harm through no fault of their own and even if they were at fault for some reason, who the hell are you to beat them down? They are innocent animals. ANIMALS!! They don't know right from wrong. What is the sense of hitting it? Beating it? Harming it beyond all comprehension? What the hell is wrong with some people when they do these things for "fun"?? Like??? 
It bothers me. 
I try and donate to my local Humane Society as often as possible and petition against animal cruelty just as often. 
It isn't only people that harm animals, it is the ones that abandon them too. I just don't get it, and I never will. 
Animals are so incredibly close to my heart. And one day {if I ever win the lottery} I would like to donate a large sum of money to the local shelter or expand it and make it bigger and better. 
We need to come up with harsher punishments for the idiots out there that do these things to poor, defenceless, innocent creatures. 
We need to take a stand together and protect the ones that love us so much. 
Because if we don't, then who the hell will? 

Another thing I feel strongly about is the way that people view food...I get irritated when I hear that people go to the gym and then go home and eat a huge bowl of processed crap. Or when people don't understand your healthy eating - healthy living lifestyle and say you are 'obsessed'...I think at the end of the day they are just jealous that they don't have the willpower that you have. And it is true...that's what it boils down to, being jealous. When people say "oh, just eat that slice of pizza, it won't kill ya!" won't, but it is going to wreak havoc on my body - you are what you eat!!!
I still have to learn this. I mean, I get excited as much as the next person if I see a poutine place open up around the corner from my place {which actually legit happened, lol}. But food is what prevents health problems....and not just any food, but HEALTHY food. Clean eats, people! 
So don't tell me I am obsessed when you reach for the fried chicken and I want the grilled piece with a salad...I'll be in better shape then you and a helluva lot healthier. 

So I guess these two things are really the main things..I mean, there are other things but maybe not too appropriate to post...and who knows who reads this. ;) Lol. 

So there we go! This was supposed to be posted yesterday but totally forgot to hit "publish". Gah! So it is Sunday now and am going to post this now. Hopefully it wasn't too boring to read. ;) 
Now I go back and tend to my sickie boyfriend!!

Ps. Thank you to all the new followers! You are all too kind and lovely!! :)

Model: Daria Werbowy
Photographer: Mert & Marcus
Magazine: Vogue Paris, Semtepber 2012


{Source: Mat Cyruss @ TFS}


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