Monday, November 05, 2012


I sit here with my Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte thinking about the past year or so. It definitely had it's struggles...2010...2011 and 2012 were all a little tough for me. And I am hoping that it just happened in threes and that 2013 will be better. Something is telling me that it is going to be regardless. Also I can't believe that almost a year ago this month I quit my old dead-end job ~ I am so grateful that I did. They recently shut the place down so where would that have left me anyway?

It just wasn't a good situation over there regardless...I took that time to just be with was nice and scary at the same time. I wouldn't say I was depressed but I wasn't the happiest of people and I just delved into unhealthy behaviours during that time which tested my relationships with those closest around me and with myself as well. I am so glad that I came to the realization that nothing changes if nothing changes back in late July.
I am taking more risks and trying new things more often, I have to not fall back into old routines because that will get me nowhere. Taking chances and trying new things is where it's at.
This month is exciting one...only for materialistic purposes...actually, I take that back, I am incredibly excited to see my parents. They are coming for a short visit to Canada and it will be amazing to spend some time with them. Especially since we won't see eachother during Christmas this year ~ but that is okay, there are so many more to come. :)
Kate Moss book is to come out this week {so excited!}, the magazine Vanity Fair with her on the cover, my best buds birthday this week as well!! Then Hitman comes out for PS3. Haha. Random, I know, but Trav and I have been waiting for the new one for forever!! And since there is no hockey these next few months what better way to spend the nights together when it is blustery and cold out then snuggled on the couch, eating chili {I will be studying for most of it} and playing Hitman. :)
I am grateful for the things that I have gone through in life but need to learn to not hold onto them. To learn from my experiences and let the rest go ~ this is what my Dad said to me once in a dream. :) But I am sure both my parents would attest to that as well.
Anyways...that is my random rambling for the day. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday so far! :)
-S.*{Source: Images by Moi}


  1. Happy Monday! To a fresh week, and a fresh start. UMMM can not wait for Kates' book either!

  2. Happy Monday to you as well Kristen!
    I am sooo excited for Kate's book! Have you preordered at all? Supposed to come out tomorrow. Gah!! :))