Sunday, November 25, 2012


A week ago today I adopted bought {does it really matter?!} little Lou'e.

When we went I was a little overwhelmed. A dog is a huge responsibility. Especially a puppy. So when I went to see him I was a bit nervous and excited. When I saw him though I knew I wanted him. There was another pup there (who also got scooped up pretty quickly) but I knew that I wanted little Lou'e. Hiding behind his crate. Timid little eyes. Shy. He was perfection. And of course he looked like a Lou'e. :)
These little things are so precious and it is unbelievable how much joy these little ones bring to ur life and heart.
Simply seeing him get all excited and happy when he sees me is enough to send me over the edge. Kissing him incessantly. Of course there are many things I need to learn so my bestie bought me a book "Yorkies for Dummies"; which I am reading.
Why did I get a Yorkie? 
Well, not because they are cute and little. Which they are. But I like how they are the underdog. They are so loyal and are the perfect companion. I love how feisty they are and how they steal the show. My Mom also has a Yorkie which she is absolutely smitten with and Oskar really is an amazing dog and I love their little personalities as well. They are also the perfect apartment dog. Since I live in a rather small spot. 
Are they a lot of work? 
Sure they are. Especially when they are babies but it is so worth the love they give you.
So when people ask "why" I got a, that's a really stupid question. Why does anyone get a dog? And I am sure that more than half these people that ask why are just jealous.
Lou'e is my babe. I look forward to just seeing him. Waking up and I am excited what the day will bring and what new funny things he will do. He makes me laugh and makes my heart happy. He has made me realize that there is no point in dwelling on the pointless silly crap in life. Gossip and people that just waste your time. He is here to always be here. To be my little fur baby companion; no questions asked.
I do miss my little man Skiusz...he will never be replaced in my heart. I think of him every single day. And wish everyday that I could still have him here with me. And he would love little Lou'e.
Okay...or tolerate him, lol.

Now I lay here in bed. Boyfriend snoring and little Lou'e breathing in my ear.
Nothing beats waking up in the morning being showered with kisses.
In today's world a lot of people let you down. A lot of people make you sad. I am happy I have something that will never let me down. That'll always make me smile. That is the best medicine anyone could ask for in life.
Bringing a furbaby into your life will change it. Always for the better.
So today I am grateful for this little guy. For making me so happy. I am grateful for having Sky for 15 precious years. Another one that was always there and always sent me soaring. For the memories that I will hold onto forever. For his paw print. For the people that were there for me and allowed me to cry and vent.
Everything pointed in my getting Lou'e.
I thought my boyfriends Mom would not allow it. She hesitated but then said ok.
I thought my Mom would have none of it. She helped me with names the next two days before we got him.
I thought my Dad would be apprehensive...say I should finish a lot of things beforehand. He was smitten as soon as he walked through the door. I thought my sister would say I am dumb but she made her way from Toronto just to see him.
I thought Travis wouldn't want a Yorkie. He is in love with him as much as I am.
My boss helped me in getting him and I couldn't have done it without her and her words of encouragement.
I picked the perfect puppy.

I love you Lou'e.
I miss you Sky.

My Precious. I think of you everyday lovey.
I love ChiChi so much.

My Dad, the birthday boy today! With little Lou'e. :) 

My little baby boy sleeping.

My gorgeous Mamma. A sign my beauty Sister made for her for her airport arrival. Too Cute!!

I hope he has a wonderful day today. :))
I am sure my Mom will make it an amazing one!!



  1. Lou'e came in to your life just in time, he's so adorable and will surely add more happiness to you and Travis. Wish you all the best with little Lou'e ๐Ÿถ, sniff...sniff and always keep your eyes on him. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Awe thank you Trish. You helped me more than you know. He makes both of us so happy. :)))

  3. Great blog:) I like your post!:)