Monday, December 03, 2012


Wow. Did I disappear or what? Sorry! :/ 
Honestly though, if you had the bundle of joy that I have right now than you would be all over him and not blogger or anything else for that matter. Lol.
It is week 3 now with little Lou'e and he is going in for his third set of shots at the vet tomorrow. I am sure he won't like his vet visit very much, but it's gotta be done. 
The weekend was quite good, but than again, it flew by way too fast. I just wish we had an extra day in there somewhere! Damn.

Dark Belgium Chocolate. This box of chocolate is super expensive and came straight from Belgium from my Pappafranz!! Yummmm.

My little man and his first bath. He didn't like it too much, but he was okay. Came out smelling so lovely afterwards! I want his shampoo!

Too funny not to share. How to get a hardcore Habs fan to admit that the Toronto Maple Leafs are the best NHL team answer for a money transfer. :)

This is what my boss and I did on Friday. Closed up the print shop and became tattoo artists. ;) I drew a mighty fine anchor.

Wayback playback. My two men relaxing. Wow that bed is suuuuper small compared to what we have no, lol!

The startings of a delicious homemade chicken noodle soup that my Mom taught me how to make. Added some leeks in there. So delicious. Perfect comfort food.

Some puppy swag from Gramma. :) 

My baby, pooped out. Pretty much the size of the remote control. Lol. 

I hope that everyone is having a great start to their weekend. I know it is Monday, but we are that much closer to the weekend again. :) Hahah. 


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