Thursday, December 06, 2012


I'm going to tell you one thing about Blogger than bothers's people that are trying to get their blog "out there"...get more followers because they think this means that their blog is "that good". That isn't the case my friends. 
Also, when people comment on my posts - have absolutely nothing to say about what I originally posted and just wrote "Nice blog! Follow me?" 
Maybe this post is going to get some unfollowers, I really don't care...
The thing is, I follow y'all that ask me to. I have no problem...I peruse through your blog and check it out...comment on your post and say I am a new follower, just so you know...maybe you follow me, maybe you don't. What is irritating is the people that do this and then a week later unfollow you. They think "HA! I got more followers!" or some stupid crap like that. What is the purpose of unfollowing, really...
Maybe I am now going on about followers but honestly I wonder what it is about my blog that people don't like...and if you don't like than why don't you tell me something about the blog that you just don't appreciate?
I don't know, it's pointless writing about this and it just makes me sound like a bitter crab apple but I just wanted to get it out there. That is all. Lol. 

Update: SideNote.
Something may have been misconstrued. I don't mind at all if you comment and ask me to follow - I definitely will. I guess just that day I was upset that I lost 2 followers. But oh well, it happens. 


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  1. half an hour ago i started to read your blog and i liked it.Don't be upset,u have a new follower now:pp
    From istanbul/turkey :D