Sunday, December 30, 2012


Yea yea...hiatus. I am back though! The last week or so have been so busy with Christmas, parties, dinners, dranks, hangouts, Lou'e. 
But it has been good. Unfortunately this year didn't feel like Christmas for me at all but that's alright...there is always next year...will definitely try to get into the spirit a heck of a lot faster then this year - usually I put my tree up in November, this year, it was like, the second week of December. Also, Sky couldn't be that was sad. :(

Just a few more days and we will be back at work...I loved spending time at the house with Lou'e and being lazy bums. That is what I plan on doing the next few days, staying in bed, under blankets, eating, cuddling, blogging, watching TV. :) 
Such a great idea, no?

Anyways...I was totally spoiled this Christmas, let me tell you. My parents gave me moolah to get whatever my little heart desires, my Sister and Ley got me hair stuff and a gorgeous Michael Kors sweater and fur shrug, my bosses got me some freakin' amaze-balls things, real moccasins, make-up {btw, Benefit mascara is INCREDIBLE}, cookbook, a membership to Costco {WEEE!!!} and so much more and Travis got me a gorgeous diamond necklace. So gorg. 
So yea, definitely spoiled, but I am very grateful for all the thoughtful things I received this year. Not just for Christmas but in general this year. I went through a bit in own personal struggles that I worked through and am still working through. I have lots friends but gained some amazing new ones {you know who you are!!}, I have realized who is on my side and supportive and who isn't. I have lost my best friend Sky and gained a new one in Lou'e.
Started a fantastic new job, and school.
I have some new goals for 2013 and I hope that it is my year as the past three were difficult {comes in 3s don't it}.
I definitely won't stop working on myself and will still need to keep at that but I won't give up.
I hope to read more, learn more new things, meditate, learn how to drive, get our own apartment, lose weight and just focus on me in 2013. 
What are some of your goals? 

So, in saying that, I will share some pics of what's been going on the last few weeks. :)

The Mandarin! My bosses took me there for our Christmas lunch. It was so delicious and I just loved it there. I loved that day in general. We had SO much fun. 

My absolutely gorgeous diamond necklace from Travis. The diamonds were mined in Canada. :) White gold. My man has gooood taste! :) 

My absolutely spoiled Lou'e. Look at his cute little ID tag from GamGam. :) 

Lou'e was definitely spoiled this Christmas. 

Christmas Eve with loved ones. I had so much fun. A liiiiittle too much to drink though. Lol. 

A girly day with my boss and bestie with her two daughters and niece and LouLou! :) Such a fun day! Had thee best lunch too...still thinking about those Korean noodles...

My gorgeous parents on their Christmas Eve. Wish we were there. Looks so yummy. 

The week before Christmas was spent predominantly in bed as Travis and I both came down with a virus. Thankfully we are feeling as right as rain now. 

The love of my life. Wish he were still here. I miss you Skiusz. <3 font="font" xoxoxo="xoxoxo">

There ya go! A little insight into my day to day life the past few weeks. 
Do you guys have any New Year's resolutions for 2013? How did your 2012 go?


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