Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Good morning lovelies. 
I can feel myself getting progressively worse {cold?} for whatever reason. This morning I woke up and simply had NO energy whatsoever. I am tired, my nose is running, my throat is dry, my tummy hurts, my eyes feel like they are bulging out of my head. Ugh. I really hope it doesn't go full blown. I took tunz of vitamins {I know, not always good for you} but I have no appetite and I need to get my nutrients from somewhere, right!? Anyways, my boss needs me. ;P

Christmas is around the corner and I have been pondering what to get my family and such...I think I have a pretty good idea. I am quite excited to give Travis his present, I have the perfect gift idea for him. :) I hope he likes it though. I can't say anything...even though he doesn't read this blog, who knows, he might get suspicious. ;) 

I am also going to super spoil Lou'e. Obvie. 
It is always just so hard around the holidays...especially when you have a crap-tun of bills to pay. Bleh. 

Okay, so I am going to do a BUNCH of style hits and misses...some of them are recent, some are's just a few that I like. 


{Source: People StyleWatch}


  1. I like Nicole's yellow dress the most!!! And feel better!!!

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  3. Thanks Trish. :) Feeling aiiight now.

    LoveJ - following you back dear, thanks for stopping by my blog. :)