Monday, December 03, 2012


Here are some style hits for you on this lovely Monday morning. 
And some style misses. 
Before I go on, there were A LOT of style misses the past week. Ugh. What were some of these celebs thinking!? A repeat offender? Rihanna. Fergie. Pippa Middleton.

Katy Perry got it right a couple of times the last few times she was seen on the red carpet...I put Rita Ora there just because there is competition there between her and Rihanna...and I don't like Rihanna (lol).
I love Jessica Simpson and she just looks casual chic. 
Jennifer Lawrence is just sheer perfection in my eyes and she looks so freakin' gorgeous every time she steps out on any carpet. 
Taylor Swift, she looks nice but honestly, is the pressure getting to her? She looks scary skinny here and that's not a good role model for young girls. 


 And some major style misses...

Ugh, like what the heck is Kim Kardashian thinking lately? She looks just, 
Ke$ha - not surprised. Katie Holmes looks like an old lady. Pippa, just got it all sorts of wrong. 
Rihanna looks homeless...actually, I should say that about Kristen Stewart...and Lindsay Lohan looks like a mess. Used to be a hot mess, now she is just a plain old mess.
Btw, Lilo either should go to rehab for like, a year or she should do jail time for all the shit she has been doing lately. Omg. 


{Source: People StyleWatch}

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