Thursday, December 01, 2016


"While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads"...
The above ^^^ is totally me. Except it's not sugar plums (what are sugar plums anyway??) but Toasted Coconut Turtles...and Reese Pecan Clusters. 
I'm dying for sweets...
In all reality it isn't THAT bad...I make it a lot worse then what it actually is. It just makes my excitement for a post comp cheat meal that much more exciting to think of. I am considering making a little notebook full of delicious foods. LOL. Or..what I could do, it just use Pinterest and share some yummy recipes on here that I want to try in the future (I haven't posted a recipe in such a long time!).
Bt that's for another time...right now, I want to talk about my passion. 
Dogs, for this post, to be specific.

WHO doesn't love dogs?? And if you don't, you have serious some of you may know, I have two of the sweetest puplets EVER. They're names are Lou'e and Maggie-Moo. Both are Yorkshire Terrors Terriers and hold the key to my heart (other then my man, lol). They have opened so many doors for me, believe it or not and through them I have met some incredible people as well. I have learned SO much through them as well regarding puppy-mills, what goes on out East and the general disregard, abandonment and neglect these animals face day in and out through the hands of people. Us. 
How can we allow such innocent beings suffer because we decide we are going to turn the other cheek? It's not right...and something needs to be done. 
That's why I try as often as I can to pledge for dogs that need rescues in high-kill shelters, donate to dogs in need, and spread awareness of what goes on annually in Yulin and even in your own background with the abuse and neglect these animals face day in and day out. 

That's why I was pretty excited to stumble upon this site that I'm about to share with you - not is it only ALL ABOUT DOGS but there are a TUN of accessories and clothes (what girl doesn't like dogs, clothes and accessories, come on?!) that when purchased, proceeds go to pups in needs. So you will feed a dog (or more!) by the purchases you make on this site!! I think that's a pretty fantastic idea and decided to share with you some of the awesome stuff I came across that I am eager to purchase and I'm sure you will too. 
Who doesn't want to look fabulous and help dogs in need at the same time??

So here is an awesome list for PERFECT Christmas gifts for that dog lover this year. :)

PS. Everything below is linked to the website, so just click on the title of the item and it'll take you straight there. :)

The Dog Lover's Christmas WishList

My Dog is Close to my Heart - Adjustable Bangle Bracelet - $12.99 USD


Keep your dog close to your heart. This simple, yet elegant bracelet symbolizes how closely we hold our furry family members to our heart.
Every time you glance down at your bracelet, you'll remember that close bond, and the shelter dogs you helped by your purchase!
Bracelet is crafted with durable Zinc alloy and plated in either gold or silver.

Stop Yulin Tear - $22.99-$24.99 USD

Note: Design is intentionally distressed, and features fading and scratch marks
iHeartDogs has partnered with GreaterGood to raise awareness and funds for dogs rescued from Yulin. Each purchase will help provide nutritious food & care for these precious pups!
Please remember to sign our Stop Yulin Petition!

Christmas Yorkie Hoodie - $39.99-$43.99 USD


Heart Dog USA - $22.99-$24.99 USD


My Drug of Choice - $22.99-$24.99 USD


Thin Blue Line 3 Stack Bracelet: Helps Provide Medical Care for Injured K9 Police Dogs - $14.99 USD


When a K9 police dog is injured in the line of duty, good medical care is not always a given. Municipal budgets are often insufficient to provide these canine heroes with the care they deserve. In many situations, especially when the injuries are severe, cities turn to citizens to fundraise for the medical care for an injured K9.
Our goal with this product was to create a symbolic way to show our support for our brave men, women, and four-legged police force, and to fundraise for these injured K9 heroes. They fought for us, now let's fight for them!
Funds provided as a grant to benefiting organizations through
Approximately 8.5″, unstretched.
Made from faux satin-polished stone

My Pet is Home Alone Key Chain - $6.99 USD

Have you ever considered what would happen if you became injured away from your home? How would rescue workers or hospital staff know that you have pets alone at home? How would they notify a friend or family member to come care for your pets? Even if they did notify family, have you designated a specific person to come care for your pets if you become incapacitated?
Please consider carrying one of these keychains. The peace of mind in knowing that your pets will be taken care of is priceless!
PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING KEYCHAINS FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WITH PETS! Nothing says I’m thinking of you more than showing care for their pets.
As with all of our products, each purchase will help animal shelters provide nutritious food for dogs waiting for their forever homes.
Keychain measures approximately 4.5″ x 1″. We recommend using a ball point gel pen to write the phone number of your emergency pet contact, as permanent marker may bleed.

Always by my Heart Adjustable Ring - $12.99 USD


Help feed 10 shelter dogs, and keep thoughts of your beloved pet close to your heart all at once. The worst part of the day is leaving your fur baby behind while you go and bring home the bacon-flavored snacks. Now you can keep your pup close to your heart, always, with this adjustable ring. The adorable silhouette of a paw will remind you of your furry friend throughout the day, while the heart represents the hearts of all the shelter dogs you’ve helped feed.
Material: Silver Plated
Diameter: 2 cm / 0.79″
Adjustable ring – One Size fits most! (fits sizes 5-9)

Don't you guys just love it? And there is WAYYYYYYYY more where that came from! It's insane all the great things they have on that site and where the money goes to the dogs is just so awesome! The key tag I realized after the fact is unavailable....but my top three would definitely be the Stop Yulin Tshirt, the Yorkie hoodie and the Always by my Heart adjustable ring. 
What would you guys pick? Do you think sites like this are a good idea or do you still wonder if all the money goes to the charity? I have faith in the human race where I would think that dogs do get the benefit out of something like this at the end of the day. 
I am definitely going to save up some pennies for my top three. :)
Oh and don't forget to sign the STOP YULIN petition! Link in the shirt description!



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