Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's one of those days...where I am feeling too inspired and uninspired...all at the same time. Does that make sense? I hate when I hit writers block...where I have nothing really to share or rather where I don't feel like sharing. But I am going to try more often. After all, I want this to be a lifestyle type of blog so I need to include some personal things in here. I still love my fashion editorials and I won't stop posting those. My promise to myself this week is that I am going to try a new recipe. I always tell myself that I am going to do this and I never do. I mean, there are times where I do and then I just never post my opinions on em!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I saw this on the People StyleWatch site and new I had to share since country music has a special place in my heart and these transformations really are pretty amazing!
Take a look for yourselves.


Oh dear gawd...I found a couple USB keys that have been hiding in my bedroom and I have found a TUN of pictures and I mean A TUN!!! And I only just went through ONE KEY! So you can bet your bottom that there is going to be A LOT of blogging the next little while. Trying to clean these keys out. :)
On another note, I got my books and they are freaking SPECTACULAR. Omg. I am going to be taking pictures of 'em tonight after I try and finish my light box and totally will share my reviews of them with you but Candice Kumai's books are freaking amazeballs!

My Rainy Hometown.

Monday, October 29, 2012


It's sorta becoming apparent that I have a thing for blondes. Lol. I mean that in a totally heterosexual way. But some of my fave celebs, singers, models are all blonde. Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Julie Benz, Grace Potter - the list goes on and on. I think it is because I desperately want to be a blonde...but that ain't gunna happen if my Sister has anything to do with it. Lol. Although, maybe one day I will try and go platinum...okay, maybe not platinum. But it sure as hell would be fun! Then again, I gotta stay true to my brunette roots - literally! But anywho, one of my fave blondes is none other then Carrie Underwood. I love her. Her music. Her hair. She's gorgeous and has an amazing sense of style. She always looks so well put together, classy, and just uber-glamourous. So here we have our next style icon, Miss Carrie Underwood. Who I would like to call the Legs of Country Music...I mean, who the heck wouldn't want those gams!!? Geeze...


Before I begin my next post, I just wanna say I almost diiiiiied this morning when I went on Candice Kumai's blog and saw that she replied to a comment that I left her!! GAH!! I love when famous people take the time to respond to their fans.
Now to become her best friend. :P


It's that time of year! Everyone is donning their costumes for Halloween and a lot of the parties and festivities began over the weekend for all the adults and celebs out there. But with the apparent Frankenstorm on it's way I am beginning to doubt that anyone will be out this Hallowe'en. Poor kidlets. I guess we shall see. All I know is that I am not sitting home alone on Hallowe'en night if that power is to go out and such! To be honest I keep forgetting that Hallowe'en is around the corner! are some celebs in their outfits from over the years...props to those that aren't dressed in slutty costumes. ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2012


If you know me, you'll know that I am obsessed with Kate Moss. *OBSESSED!!* I love everything about her and have been following her career since I can remember. One of the reasons why I love her is that I feel I can relate to her...when I was obsessed with fashion and models growing up I was always down on myself because I wasn't tall enough until I found out that Moss is only 5'6"! This realization allowed me to keep on daydreaming of one day becoming a runway model {never gunna happen now btw, lol}. But regardless, I just think she is gorgeous and is ALWAYS totally put together. She is a style icon. 
I am actually surprised that I didn't do this earlier...but anyways, here are some style hits from one of the best dressed people out there.


One of the greatest things about the month of November is the American Thanksgiving that takes place...and I say this because the November issues of magazines are usually jampacked with delicious turkey recipes and this months Food Network magazine does NOT disappoint. 
It is unfortunate that more mags with recipes aren't out for us Canadians in October when we have our Thanksgiving but my parents will be flying in from California next month and we can do our own Thanksgiving then. :) 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


So Lidia Bastianich is a cute little old Italian lady who has some cooking shows, is a longtime chef {obvie} and a restaurateur.
In the new Everyday Food magazine she can be found in there {page 35 to be exact} and shares a recipe in there that looks and sound amazeballs. Which I will totally be trying out this coming week. 
This recipe that I am about to share serves 6, takes 20 minutes to prep and a total time of 30 minutes. Which is super quick on those busy nights. Which I am experiencing more of because of school, work and such. So anyways - away we go here. :) 

Bon Appetit!


Here are some style hits that have been sitting in a folder on my desktop for forever...need to start cleaning up the ol' laptop from all the unnecessary things I have on here. are some style hits!! :) 


I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their weekend! Unfortunately Trav had to go to work {not like this is anything new} and I sit here in this big ol' bed all alone. I think I am going to snuggle under the covers with a bunch of is dark, cold and RAINY out there today! I love it. :) 
Other then that, got cleaning and laundry to do, as well as studying. It's a busy weekend in general.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Weee! A new header! :)
It is a good start to my Friday...this morning I slept in and I thought that it was going to be one of THOSE days but thankfully I was proved wrong. I am suuuuuper excited to get some books from my bestieeeeeee which are going to be here on Monday so expect reviews sometime next week!
My amaaaazing bosses got me contacts as well, a year's worth!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


My blog is a bit ugly - I know. Bare with me. It is still under maintenance. :)


Monday, October 22, 2012


I should probably start my own book club...considering the amount of books I have and my extreme obsession with them, from the smell to the size of text or font to the actual stock that is used. I think that is why cookbooks are some of my favourites to go through.


I have a new obsession - very much like how I have an obsession with Sophie Dahl I have found someone else - someone similar. This doesn't mean whatsoever that I am throwing the delightful Miss. Dahl on the backburner, I just wish she came out with more. More books or shows, something. But all in good time. Maybe she will come out with another cookbook sometime soon. :) But latest obsession...


The weekend totally flew by...and I mean flew by...I woke up this morning and honestly thought to myself, where the heck did the time go?! It was a nice weekend though. The first one in a long time where we haven't had to do a thing - thank goodness. We have been quite busy and the next few ones are going to be even busier as well.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sorrrrrryyyy! I know it has been forever since I posted I have been crazy busy the last week and a bit. But in a good way! New things are happening and this is a new chapter in my life. :) 
I finally registered for school and got my books a couple of days ago and will be starting on Monday. I am sooo excited ~ just need to go out and buy some notebooks, sticky notes, highlighters and such. :) It's going to be fabulous. My first sem will basically be Anatomy and Physiology. It looks a little tricky! I have expected pictures of fruits and veggies and little captions that say "If you eat this, will it help your skin or teeth?" - lol. I don't think so. It's a lot more difficult then that. Challenging, but in a good way! 

What came in the mail on Wednesday. :) 

So this weekend is going to definitely be a lazy one - especially since Monday it is crunch time. There is going to be work, school, gym...I am quite excited. I will definitely keep ya'll posted on it as well. 
Other then if it isn't a lot...not much else is going on. 

I am a little scatterbrained at the moment because it is Friday night, but I just wanted to share what has been going on with me and that I am not leaving! I will be blogging as often as I can!! :D

Here is a long overdue editorial...
Maryna Linchuk for the October 2012 issue of Allure by Greg Kadel. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It's a rainy day here in Ontario...I love rainy Fall days though - so it doesn't bother me much at all. :)
I have noticed that I have been doing a lot of rambling about random things and I guess I need to begin focusing on one topic at a time...for each post.
Maybe not today though because I am not really feeling too inspired to write for whatever reason. I am just tired.
I will share with you some style hits today...most of these celebs got it just right but there are a few that I breezed through that I was disappointed with. For example, Taylor Swift ALWAYS looks the same...Halle Barry wears the same dresses time and time again. It gets dreadfully boring...the red carpet does thank goodness for celebs that push the envelope at different red-carpet events.
That being said, I did put old boring Swifty up here because her dress was just quite simply - pretty. That is all. Nothing special...just pretty. I like the colour. She is obsessed with red lately, that is pretty evident.
Boring old Kim K is up there too...but I felt like she needed to be up here because the last few outfits she has been sporting have been epic fails and this one she didn't totally mess up with so I threw it up here.
Can Kate Middleton ever go wrong though? Very classy and elegant.
Holly Madison looks lovely...that one playboy bunny...Jayde or whatever (who dated Brody Jenner) should get slapped upside the head for EVER calling Madison "fat". Crazy woman. Holly's body is bangin' considering she is now pregnant.
Nikki Reed looks ah-maayyyyyzing. I seriously love her outfit...just everything about it. Her hair, her makeup, ALL of it! She looks flawless.
What a gorgeous colour on Elizabeth Hurley.
Jennifer Garner looks exquisite in her red number and has Scarlett Johannson lost weight or something? Regardless, she looks lovely in her dress.
Oh and why is Jessica Alba up here? She may not look totally put together...a little awkward but she tried something different and it doesn't look horrendously horrible!
All these celebs look awesome. :)
I am not putting up the ugly hits because they are just that...ugly. And it is a rainy rainy day and it isn't even Friday yet so I am not going to ruin anyones mood further.
Lol. ;P

PS. It's new magazine day! :) I have been in gossip-mag withdrawl and am thinking of picking up a rag-mag just to indulge today. ;) What mags do you guys pick up to indulge in? I can hear throngs of girls yellin' Cosmo already...

-S.*{Source: People StyleWatch}

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


The past six months I have been trying to do a lot more things - and step out of my comfort zone. For example, I'm not a camper but went camping twice this past Summer. I hate highway driving but Trav and I have been taking the 401 every chance we get.
I am just trying to experience a lot more. Try new foods. Meet new people. Live a healthier lifestyle in general. Travel more. Canoeing! That was scary at first! Lol. Things like that.
I am thinking of maybe renting a cottage for the weekend in this cold weather since it isn't peak season so it might just be a little bit cheaper then if you were to go during the Summer. And there are always bonfires too! But I need to be a bit more penny pinching if that is what I plan on doing. Mind you, if I get enough people going then it shouldn't be that bad. But I really did enjoy myself during the Summer doing new things.
Anyways - the weekend went by so fast and it's back to work already. I did enjoy myself a lot though. Saturday was a rather quiet day but it was great - when to a party at my bosses house {note to self: don't drink so much red wine - red wine hangovers are NOT fun and last FOREVER}. Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner at Travis' Mom's house. Some great people and great food. It was an overall pretty good day - although, as per the previous sentence - I had to cut it short. I was NOT feeling well so needed to have a lay down for a bit. Monday - holiday - it was nice...woke up and knew that I HAD to go to the gym so I went there and did a leg day...then afterwards Trav and I had a movie marathon. Watched Up In The Air, The Dictator, Stepbrothers & Hunger Games.
Tonight more gym - back-day - and then maybe some more movies or something. I am rather plan on being uber lazy...
But yea, that was my weekend! I decided I'd share that with ya! Lol.
I hope that I can register for school today - fingers crossed - it all is pending on an arrival of a new Visa card. Would be amazing if I could get this all started.
Tina Luther Captures a Military Outing for Grazia Germany.


Friday, October 05, 2012


Oh, I forgot to post about that cauliflower mash recipe I posted a few days ago...well, I made it. And it sure as heck didn't taste anything remotely like mashed potatoes!! But it was still pretty good ~ not bad at all. A lot healthier too...but you know, it has that cauliflower taste...and for whatever reason I find that cauliflower also loses it's heat quickly! I am not sure if that is just all in my head or something, but when I began eating it and it was piping hot, 5 minutes later it was pretty tepid! Anyways - it is a good alternative to a lot of carby things...I put the previous nights stirfry leftovers on top. So instead of rice, noodles or the like, I just used the mash. Pretty healthy. ;)
I did add a tiny bit of butter...I think next time I am going to toast up some breadcrumbs and add them in there to add a bit of texture. :)