Monday, October 29, 2012


Before I begin my next post, I just wanna say I almost diiiiiied this morning when I went on Candice Kumai's blog and saw that she replied to a comment that I left her!! GAH!! I love when famous people take the time to respond to their fans.
Now to become her best friend. :P

Seriously though, I adore Kumai's blog and the books just came in by way of UPS so I am sooooo excited to go through them and share with you guys!! I just hope they are in perfect condition or I will cryyy! But Amazon is usually pretty fantastic.
Either way I will be sure to share my reviews on these books once I get my paws on 'em.
Other then that, it is another gloriously rainy Fall day and listening to some good ol' country music. :)
I just figured out this fantastic thing through blogger where I can set a time and date for when my blog posts show up. So I can set up a bunch of posts over the weekend and then have them post during the day when I am at work and it does it all by itself! Pretty neat. This way, there is always something new!
So now...when did I start writing this? ;)
Happy MON{my}day! <3 font="font">

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