Monday, October 22, 2012


I have a new obsession - very much like how I have an obsession with Sophie Dahl I have found someone else - someone similar. This doesn't mean whatsoever that I am throwing the delightful Miss. Dahl on the backburner, I just wish she came out with more. More books or shows, something. But all in good time. Maybe she will come out with another cookbook sometime soon. :) But latest obsession...
...I just stumbled across when I was going through the latest issue of Women's Health, it was an ad for Candice Kumai and her new book "Cook Yourself Sexy" first I gotta be honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about Candice...too bubbly maybe? Giggled a little too much? But then when I began reading her blog - I was totally hooked. She is so down to earth and I just love the way that she writes and her passions are so very similiar to mine. Love food. Fitness. Being healthy. She is gorgeous and fit. I just love her! Now I need to get my hands on her latest cookbook (yes, she is an American food writer, chef and TV host) and then the cookbook she had out before then. Healthy meals, delicious to boot that won't pack on the pounds and will make you feel fantastic. She is a regular judge on Iron Chef America (I am so jealous) and even entered the Top Chef Season 1 contest (unfortunately she got booted in episode 4). But I just wanted to share this new obsession of mine with you and you guys might just get as hooked on her blog as I am. :)
Loooove Candice Kumai!

Candice's Twitter. I love her layout. I must find out her graphic designer is. ;)

Candice's website. Check it out. :)

Yes yes, my new obsession. I plan on devoting an entire day to reading every single blog post she has on there. Lol. Honestly, I would love to have a blog similar to hers. Get a good following like she does. I understand my blog is a little scatterbrained but I think that with school starting and my getting into nutrition I will have more of a focus eventually. ;)
Now stay tuned for a bookworm list that is going up in the next post. Some reviews I'd like to share of past books and ones that are on my wish list for the future. You can bet your bottom that Candice's books will be on there. :) I am going to start putting more of a description of these books as well on the blog. I just write how much I want 'em and don't really explain why or what the book is about. So I plan on doing that in the next post. :)


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