Friday, October 05, 2012


Oh, I forgot to post about that cauliflower mash recipe I posted a few days ago...well, I made it. And it sure as heck didn't taste anything remotely like mashed potatoes!! But it was still pretty good ~ not bad at all. A lot healthier too...but you know, it has that cauliflower taste...and for whatever reason I find that cauliflower also loses it's heat quickly! I am not sure if that is just all in my head or something, but when I began eating it and it was piping hot, 5 minutes later it was pretty tepid! Anyways - it is a good alternative to a lot of carby things...I put the previous nights stirfry leftovers on top. So instead of rice, noodles or the like, I just used the mash. Pretty healthy. ;)
I did add a tiny bit of butter...I think next time I am going to toast up some breadcrumbs and add them in there to add a bit of texture. :)


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