Friday, October 26, 2012


Weee! A new header! :)
It is a good start to my Friday...this morning I slept in and I thought that it was going to be one of THOSE days but thankfully I was proved wrong. I am suuuuuper excited to get some books from my bestieeeeeee which are going to be here on Monday so expect reviews sometime next week!
My amaaaazing bosses got me contacts as well, a year's worth!!

I am so very excited to wear them {trial and error right now, I have a stigmatism in my left eye so need a different lens for that eyeball} but I can finally wear sunglasses!!! And I have a bunch on my wish list right now! I am so excited because I was never able to wear them before ~ I can't see a damn thing when I have them on so now I will be able to see! Lol. I will still have my frames for other things, like studying and stuff but I am pumped for contacts {even though it took me HALF AN HOUR yesterday to put them in!!!}.
What else...studying is going well. I am on the water chapter and moving on to the carbohydrate chapter...will probably start that sometime tonight. It is really interesting stuff though. So my tip of the day regarding my studies is if you don't have to drink tap water ~ don't! Our tap water is fuuuuuuull of unhealthy things for you such as lead, radon, arsenic, etc. I know they are in there in the most minute portions but I can bet that a lot of our health problems stem from drinking our tap water. So filter!
I gotta do that this weekend actually. Get a filter...the only problem is that my fridge is so darn small that I don't think it will fit in there. Lol. But the water will be cleaner! I gotta look into this...because now when I think of it, I can bet that a Brita or something will NOT fit into my fridge.
Enough rambling.
Here is an editorial in How To Spend It by Andrew very pretty.


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