Saturday, October 27, 2012


I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their weekend! Unfortunately Trav had to go to work {not like this is anything new} and I sit here in this big ol' bed all alone. I think I am going to snuggle under the covers with a bunch of is dark, cold and RAINY out there today! I love it. :) 
Other then that, got cleaning and laundry to do, as well as studying. It's a busy weekend in general.

I need to clean my laptop screen it is so dirty but not sure what to use...I think I will just use an LCD screen cleaner...
Random information for you there, I know. 
Anyways! I hope to be posting some recipes up soon from Food Network magazine and the new issue of Everyday Food. Lots of Thanksgiving recipes in there because it is turkey day in the USofA this November so stay tuned for more posts like that. I know that my links in linkwithin aren't working in the "posts you may like" section but am still working on tweaking a few things on this blog. So hang in there!


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