Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Oh dear gawd...I found a couple USB keys that have been hiding in my bedroom and I have found a TUN of pictures and I mean A TUN!!! And I only just went through ONE KEY! So you can bet your bottom that there is going to be A LOT of blogging the next little while. Trying to clean these keys out. :)
On another note, I got my books and they are freaking SPECTACULAR. Omg. I am going to be taking pictures of 'em tonight after I try and finish my light box and totally will share my reviews of them with you but Candice Kumai's books are freaking amazeballs!

My Rainy Hometown.

And on yet another note, completely on a different topic, I am just thinking about all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I have been watching a little bit on the news but will need to catch up this morning as I don't know what happened overnight.
And rest in peace to all those that were killed because of this. Must be so devesatating to the families.
Thoughts and prayers are with those going through troubling and difficult times.
But we gotta keep positive and keep on truckin'.
And try to laugh today!!
I gotta watch the Simple Life again, this show is freakin' hilarious. Love Nicole Richie.
Stay safe everyone! xo

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