Monday, October 29, 2012


It's that time of year! Everyone is donning their costumes for Halloween and a lot of the parties and festivities began over the weekend for all the adults and celebs out there. But with the apparent Frankenstorm on it's way I am beginning to doubt that anyone will be out this Hallowe'en. Poor kidlets. I guess we shall see. All I know is that I am not sitting home alone on Hallowe'en night if that power is to go out and such! To be honest I keep forgetting that Hallowe'en is around the corner! are some celebs in their outfits from over the years...props to those that aren't dressed in slutty costumes. ;)



Some of my faves? First of all, Heidi Klum always rocks it on Halloween & Nicole Richie? Well, I actually thought it was totally J.Lo! The one night stand by Jeff Gordon is hilarious and my favourite by far is Chris Noth as Buzz Lightyear, he looks freakin' awesome!
What are you guys dressing up as for Hallowe'en??
-S.*{Source: Images from Zimbio}

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