Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It's a rainy day here in Ontario...I love rainy Fall days though - so it doesn't bother me much at all. :)
I have noticed that I have been doing a lot of rambling about random things and I guess I need to begin focusing on one topic at a time...for each post.
Maybe not today though because I am not really feeling too inspired to write for whatever reason. I am just tired.
I will share with you some style hits today...most of these celebs got it just right but there are a few that I breezed through that I was disappointed with. For example, Taylor Swift ALWAYS looks the same...Halle Barry wears the same dresses time and time again. It gets dreadfully boring...the red carpet does thank goodness for celebs that push the envelope at different red-carpet events.
That being said, I did put old boring Swifty up here because her dress was just quite simply - pretty. That is all. Nothing special...just pretty. I like the colour. She is obsessed with red lately, that is pretty evident.
Boring old Kim K is up there too...but I felt like she needed to be up here because the last few outfits she has been sporting have been epic fails and this one she didn't totally mess up with so I threw it up here.
Can Kate Middleton ever go wrong though? Very classy and elegant.
Holly Madison looks lovely...that one playboy bunny...Jayde or whatever (who dated Brody Jenner) should get slapped upside the head for EVER calling Madison "fat". Crazy woman. Holly's body is bangin' considering she is now pregnant.
Nikki Reed looks ah-maayyyyyzing. I seriously love her outfit...just everything about it. Her hair, her makeup, ALL of it! She looks flawless.
What a gorgeous colour on Elizabeth Hurley.
Jennifer Garner looks exquisite in her red number and has Scarlett Johannson lost weight or something? Regardless, she looks lovely in her dress.
Oh and why is Jessica Alba up here? She may not look totally put together...a little awkward but she tried something different and it doesn't look horrendously horrible!
All these celebs look awesome. :)
I am not putting up the ugly hits because they are just that...ugly. And it is a rainy rainy day and it isn't even Friday yet so I am not going to ruin anyones mood further.
Lol. ;P

PS. It's new magazine day! :) I have been in gossip-mag withdrawl and am thinking of picking up a rag-mag just to indulge today. ;) What mags do you guys pick up to indulge in? I can hear throngs of girls yellin' Cosmo already...

-S.*{Source: People StyleWatch}

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