Tuesday, November 06, 2012


A lot of people have a lot of opinions on Lindsay Lohan...to put it plain and simple, she is a hot mess. 
She definitely looks rough around the edges and sometimes I just feel sorry for her, I mean, where did she go wrong? But that's her world and we may never understand it. I just hope that she gets the help that she really needs and is able to turn it around because it just doesn't seem like it is getting any better as time passes. 
Regardless...she can still come out and turn heads...I think sometimes she gets it just right with her style. So here are some of my favorites.


{Source: Images from Various LL Websites}


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shine star said...

I really like her , she's a good actress ! ;))


Sandra G said...

Not too shabby, I haven't seen her in any recent flicks...but I do remember her in all her older movies, anyone remember the Parent Trap!? Lol. So long ago. :)


Antonella C'est moi said...

love her style kisses

Patrycja Gronert said...

I love movies with her in the lead role.
I think she really needs help and still not only insults the page, fans "who once had.'s really a shame women, and we can only hope that will come out of it all.

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Jenny said...

oh I love her style!

X Jenny

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fancygirl said...

she is a good actress ;)

Sandra G said...

Wow - thanks everyone for the comments! XO That's freakin' amazeballs!!


bianca f said...

of course she's a mess, but she looks good and has great style!


Sandra G said...

Agreed!! Lol.

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Tere Ávila said...

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Agata Szajos said...

I think Lindsay Lohan is beautiful!
I like her...btw great post

Ashley said...

Love the looks you picked out. I agree with you that I feel sorry for her too but she DOES showcase great style every now and then :) I LOVE the look with the leopard print flats and all black. She looks adorable! Great post & love your blog...I'm a new follower!


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Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! :) And the follows!

Hope to see more of you all soon in future posts, don't forget to share your thoughts!

immerlight said...

Great post! She has a great style and I love movies with her!

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