Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This was the post from yesterday...but I couldn't very well post it because the day wasn't done! So here is question number 4...

Bullet Your Whole Day

Well, this isn't going to be terribly interesting compared to a weekend...but here goes nothing. 
Actually, I will bullet my day on Saturday as well as my day today. ;) Spice it up a bit, lol.
My day today...
-woke up @ 6am, showered, make-up dressed, made lunches, took care of my sickie boyfriend and out the door we went!
-got into work @7:30amish - a bit late today, chatted with my friend Keverino after getting a grande, 1 shot, skinny caramel brulee latte. 
-work started at 8:30am
-lunch time @ 12pm to 1pm with Keverino ~ had a spanakopita yummmm
-worked the rest of the day
-got to the house at around 5:30pmisk and began making dinner which was fish, sweet potatoes and a pea/pancetta/feta salad
-went to bed at 9:30pm! 

-woke up at 7amish with my boyfriend, who had to go to work
-spent most of the am blogging and perusing the internet, tidying up the apartment and dying my hair!
-11am, washed the dye out of my hair for foreverrrrr, took a bath and read some of The Host
-12pm, makeup put on and singing along to some music
-just after 1pm Travis got off work and changed and off we went to do some shopping!
-got to Tim Hortons, got some eats and tea/coffee
-got to Kitchener to Fairview Mall where we perused stores, Travis got a winter jacket and a sweater, I ended up getting a good deal on some Juicy Couture purse perfumes (my fave) and off we went to Marks Work Warehouse to look at some pants for my man where I found a blanket (I own so many, I am obsessed) and that was our shopping excursion!
-went and looked at some houses in the new subdivisions in Kitchener, there are some nice ones out there! Plan on going back to look at the model homes and figure out what it is that we went when we move out
-got back into the city and went to get some groceries
-got to the house where we watched some Keeping Up and made some nachos that we munched away on!
-watched some more tv and ordered some fried chicken from Mary Browns (Travis' request)
-had some wine and chatted the night away!

Over all a good day! I loved it!
The weather by the way was perfect, rainy, dark and lovely!! :))


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